Sunday, April 02, 2006

200th Post!

Yay! I'm now up to 200 posts of rubbish (which would have been achieved by now if I hadn't had to delete a few *ahem*).

Before we start I have to point out that April Fool's jokes are horrible. Especially when you're half asleep and can't quite work out where the person is coming from most of the time anyway.

Yesterday was spent in the company of a few old friends namely Wren and Dan whoIi haven't seen for ages and will not be known by most of the people who read this. We went for a brief visit to a band day at the Civic hall hosted by the Fat Surfer crew. After being surrounded by 14 year olds who think it's cool to all dress EXACTLY THE SAME, it was time to leave that place and head on to London, namely Camden, and indulge in a little retail therapy. Wren walked away with a large number of items from David and Goliath in Carnaby Street, while Dan perused the many skate shops, seeming to know just as many people as I did. My bank account didn't suffer too much and I returned with a new belt and a few books and things to help with revision. After dinner in Yo Sushi (oh how I've missed the place), I headed to the Metro club off Oxford Street to meet some people from college. The band we were expecting didn't turn up so instead it was a usual club night. At around 11, I started to let people buy me drinks since I'm owed so many, which wasn't really a good idea. Cue a very drunk Emma trying to explain to Dave (of musictek fame) why I needed him to pick me up from Dagenham station and take me home so I wouldn't have to bother my parents.

It proved a highly eventful day, which allowed me to catch up with a few people and also show me how much I miss London, nothing will ever compare to it, even though the trains don't work, you get attacked by Hare Krishna people everywhere you go, I know of at least 12 different people who have "connections" (if you know what I mean) and I do fear for my life sometimes. There really is no place like home.

Now it's time to go and support Cambridge in the boat race! (Sorry Stu!)

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