Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Making my escape..."

I've played the dutiful daughter all weekend (well it is mother's day after all) but it appears that it's not enough for some people. After a blazing row with parental unit XY this morning over the fact I wasn't up before 10am (it's a SUNDAY), he has been laying into me all day. I've offered to cook dinner, make lunch, do all the washing and ironing but unit XX has refused my help saying that I'm incapable of doing anything for myself. How does she think I manage to keep myself alive while at uni?

Therefore my escape couldn't come quickly enough. This till means that I will probably be hounded while away with a barrage of phonecalls at inappropriate times. Oh well, the joys of being the sole focus of parental worrying.

Apart from that I've been used as a source of knowledge this weekend. As the result of the 'Boro vs Charlton match was inconclusive, a replay must be undertaken in the (not so) wonderful city near my adopted home. This means that a certain Charlton fan who I no longer speak to, has been asking me what 'Boro is like for night life etc. And with one fell swoop I have told her to go to the most rubbish places on earth while she's there. I don't even feel bad about sending her out into the city which she thinks is amazing when it really isn't. Oh well it will give her even more of a reason to not talk to me (which makes me rather happy).

And so begins my adventure around the country for the next week or so. Look out for me, I may be coming to a town or city near you, those poor few that are still at University, I laugh at your 3 week holiday and instead present you with my 5 weeks of fun and revision....

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