Saturday, March 18, 2006

"He's a Scumbag don't you know..."

After practically dying on Friday trying to get things sorted for the reflective journal, I headed off to Stats on Friday to discover that it was cancelled. Great, yet another 9 o'clock lecture cancelled just like that. So Nattyboo and I spent a large amount of time sitting at computer's surfing the net until Biological, which lasted an hour due to it being rushed. I'm not complaining. Met up with parental unit XY who took me for coffee in town. Showed him where we are living next year and he seemed mightily impressed by it all. Upon returning to the flat packing was completed bar my clothing and we headed to Joe Rigatoni's yet again for dinner. Feeling satiated we departed and I returned to college in time to help Kat's dad load all her stuff up.

After a few frantic text messages, Dav came to drag me to the Rocket, after all it was St. Patrick's Day. Fighting off Henry, we managed to get there eventually where I promptly found myself alone as Dav had gone to finish his Guinness. Heading for the bar I was on a mission to get a Guinness hat after drinking 4 pints of the stuff. My plan was thwarted by the absence of the Irish stout and I returned to the dancefloor with merely a bottle of lager. I randomly found Dr Dias and then found Dav standing behind him, who very nicely, swapped his Guinness for my random lager and everything was good in the world. After much dancing and singing, we headed back to Harewood avec Laura, Terran, Ant and Luke. Food was ordered, which I did not partake in, and a bottle of red wine was opened. This was perhaps the biggest mistake of the night, as Luke nearly downed a whole glass of it (after encouragement from Dav). This made him rather tipsy to say the least, which proved amusing until the red wine found itself on the kitchen floor, having decided that it didn't like being in Luke's stomach. Cue Laura and I running out after almost throwing up ourselves, and hiding behind Dav. Terran kindly cleaned up while Laura took Luke back to Stevo and Dav and I hid in the corridor. After things had been sorted and Laura had returned back to her own flat, Dav and I headed back to Fairbridge with it being about 6 am. We sat around for a few hours chatting before it was time for parental unit XY to come and pick me up. For those of you who have been keeping up with the story, you will remember that I have yet to pack my clothes by this point. After explaining who the guy with the Guinness hat was (Dav), we packed stuff into the car with some help from Mr Biggs, while I ran around furiously stuffing clothes into bags.

Soon we were heading homeward bound and after a very good few hours sleep I found myself in Grays. After an Indian feast, I am off to bed now, to recover from last night.

If you actually know me, I haven't got access to MSN at the moment, but will do soon. If you want to chat give me a ring or a text or drop me an email.

Oh and thanks to Dav for the title of this post, that song is stuck in my head now, grrr....

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