Thursday, March 09, 2006

4 Days...

Recently I've been really sleepy and I'm not sure why... I hope that I can shake it off before Empire tonight and the great club NME for the wonders of Dead Dead Dead and SomaHigh. Sounds interesting definitely.

I have to say that I love parental unit XX, not only has she sent me birthday presents to open with the promise of more when I get home, she also sent a box of French Fancies (God's own confectionery and the best cake in the world) , a HUGE pack of kit kats and a mars egg for each of my flat mates. Don't you wish you lived in Fairbridge now? I also have a card from Maggie, my mum's best friend which I don't want to open yet, so it's sitting tempting me on the side of my bed. I wasn't really that excited about my birthday last week, but as it gets closer, I'm feeling it.

Jess, if you're reading this, I've ordered your birthday present and it won't get here till next week, so don't be disappointed tomorrow!

I'm also contmeplating buying a cheap phone from ebay for about £30 to tide me over till the end of my contract because i'm fed up of having to turn my phone off every time i get a text message, and the thought of using my old phone freaks me out when i consider that a good friend has exactly the same phone, it's just too creepy for words to me...

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