Sunday, February 26, 2006

Strike 6

After reporting that i didn't feel well, i was promptly sick for most of the night. When you haven't thrown up since you were 8, it's definitely a strange experience to empty the contents of your stomach. This was interrupted by the early arrival home of Mish, which lead to us both being locked out of the building until he could get up the courage to go and speak to security and get them to let us in. Shortly afterwards, Scott and Kwan returned home and since we were all awake it was decided to play Piss Artist, which for those of you who don't know, is exactly like pictionary except you are supposed to drink a fair bit and it has "Dirty Draws" some of which were easier to draw and guess than others. As the game was finishing, i treated the guys to a view of me being sick, nice for them i know, and then Kat came home, but not before Mish and Kwan beat Scott and I after we'd been leading the whole game. Now i've seen her pissed before, but this was something else. Let's just say that when i started throwing up againg during the night, she took it upon herself to clean the entire bathroom...practically naked. Since we were both up, we watched a bit of Friends and then managed to get a few hours sleep. I'm going back to bed to lie down, hope all your weekends were much better than mine.

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