Friday, February 17, 2006

"Please mind the gap when getting off at the next station"

I swear that if i have to hear that phrase one more time this week i will scream. Oh wait, I've got it all to do again tomorrow.

You see at about 7 last night it was decided by Kat that i would in fact have to go home and go to the dentist for fear that my teeth would spill over the floor in our room. So a brief stop in Sheffield and a few hundred miles later, here i am back home in Essex. I have been reliably informed by my dentist that i do not have a gum infection (yay!) but i do have to have a filling and one of my wisdom teeth extracted. So if you don't see me at Easter, it's because I'm in some hospital having all my wisdom forcibly taken from me.

I was looking forward to the prospect of actually being able to sleep on the train to London but alas my plan was thwarted by the woman sitting across the aisle from me as every time i was just drifting off, she received a text message with the loudest ringtone ever known to exist.

To all those in Durham, I shall be there tomorrow night in the Rocket, about 10ish? Till then I'm going to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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