Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Obligatory Photo Post

It seems that not only have i been drowning under books recently, so have all my cables which would explain the lack of photos here. So since i have a few free minutes and have managed to half sort out my stuff, here are some photos from Friday, Saturday and Yesterday:

This first one is an example of people ACTUALLY DANCING TO S CLUB 7. I was stunned by this sight and thought that it would be a good idea to record the moment for posterity. And they are from Durham city so it's to be expected really...

Here we have two girls enjoying a night out. We're not drunk, (honest!) and I know that I can't smile properly without exposing my fangs and that my eyes are closed. Still you can see my pretty top and eyeshadow for once!

Another photo from POS on Friday: They've errected an homage to the Rocket in Stockton. Or we stole our image from them...(that's more likely to be honest)

The King of Cheese:

Electric, moshing away to Bryan Adams possibly...

Andy and his friend who thought it was fun to make fun of the fact that Clare and I are rather short. They were very fun to hang around with and hopefully we'll see them at POS again soon.

We found this car on the way to Patrick's Pizza, I took great offence to the sentiment. In case you can't quite read it, it says: "Wales Sucks" *shocked*

Moving onto Saturday night at the good old Rocket, this is the only picture you're going to get. (There are lots from POS that have been missed out also.) I personally think that this is a rather nice photo of myself, regardelss of the fact that i'm not wearing a bra which meant that Henry took it upon himself to openly stare at my clevage all night. By the way, Kat was rather drunk by this time and about 30 seconds after this picture was taken, she spilt half her pint of skittles over Clare.

It's Monday now and here's one of the Girls (Vicki, myself, Nat and Sarah) in the obligatory corridor shot (in Backhouse of course). The theme was "Loved Up" hence all the pink and red going on. Sarah was happy to inform us that her dress was pinned to her bra to keep things in place. That reminds me, Vicki still has my jacket...

Last photo i swear! Here's one of some Love heart's that were at Moby on Monday. Perhaps one of them was a pill which made Bryan not feel too good, but anyway i got given a few "Be Mine" ones from Vicki and Mike, which made me feel a bit loved.

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