Sunday, February 19, 2006

28 Days

Work has fallen by the wayside today and so films have been watched: 28 Days Later being one of them. It's a rather typical disaster film: Animal rights protesters free chimps that have been infected with pure rage, infection spreads, man wakes from coma to find London deserted, gets chased by infected, is rescued, goes to Manchester, finds army, army lead by nutcase, realises the rest of the world is ok, gets saved in the end. The highlight of the film has to be when Jim, the main character, walks into a church to find salvation but instead is confronted with the following message in huge letters on a wall:

Repent, the end is fucking nigh.
Pure genius i thought. Christopher Eccleston plays the mad (ginger) army major who comes across as gay in the film. This is because he says to Jim, "I promised women for the rest of the men" quite a few times, and affectionately brushes Jim's face and plays with his hair.

Still it's nice to know that if there ever is a major infection breakout in the UK, the rest of the world will leave us to it because we are just an Island that can be quarantined easily.

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