Sunday, February 19, 2006

"The whole world is turning lesbian!"

Or that's what it seemed like tonight. Once again another Rocket has passed and we commit it to memory in the form of photos which will appear later on no doubt today. I was forced by Nat to only take money with me and a camera and so fretted all night that i had forgotten my keys or phone, only to remember he wrestling both items out of my hands before we left. The cheerleaders were on top form with one or two performing a few tricks for us although no sign of the Rugby team left us disappointed.

The trip back was equally as eventful as the trip there, with the threat of diverting via Sheffield yet again as there was no available room on the 10:00 am train from King's Cross to York, not even standing room. The next one was at 11:00, but before that there was another via Sheffield, which would have been easier to get on but apparently a ticket that says "Any available route" means the most direct (in theory) not the quickest, and since i wanted to leave the perils of London and it's guitarists and amps behind, the world seemed to be against me.

Since i haven't really slept in 48 hours (or maybe more) I'm now going to collapse into bed and not wake up till very late tomorrow. Have a great rest of the weekend y'all and someone better give me a ring before 3pm to make sure I'm up because i have to do work *sob*.

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