Friday, March 03, 2006

The Trolls Are Back!!!

And they've brought with them a chavtastic friend! I could hardly believe my eyes when walking around town today. Firstly i was surprised at the mere thought that those weird little creatures had made a return to the world of the living (I'm sure you can all remember how crazy you went over trying to get a troll doll) and secondly upon closer inspection, that they now have a Chav Troll complete with burberry clothing, gold cap and rather large mobile phone.

After a fairly eventful college dining last night, it was decided to go swimming at Thornaby pool. It was supposed to be ladies night (well hour anyway) but i felt slightly creeped out by the fact that all the lifeguards there were male. Surely the idea of going for a ladies only session is so you don't have guys looking at you? Perhaps this idea seems to have escaped those that work at Active Life. Still a fun time was had by all and i felt so much fitter and healthier after it.

This good work was then negated by a trip to Dubliners which lasted all of 20 minutes due to the actions of some people who we'd rather not associate with anymore, and then upon returning to Rokeby, an innocent comment by myself led to the last minute mad dash to Teeside Park for food. It was orginally intended to get KFC but this plan was thwarted by said fast food outlet being closed, so off to McDonalds it was. It took 2 people to carry all of our order out to the car and i think that our group of hungry students on a mission for many more back at the flat, may have been their best customers all week! Some prank phonecalls were made (how i love the internal phone lines here) which resulted in some confused people exiting their buildings under the impression that the caretaker wanted to speak to them. This was however taken in good faith as we only phoned those that we are actually good friends with such as my own Fairbridge flat.

A trip into town today has provided Nat and I with many rich delights and films galore, so a night in is planned before the mad night planned for next friday. Forget double booking, try triple booking! Let's see how i can get out of that...

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