Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Is it just me?" (11 days!)

Sorry I'm, listening to those modern rock gods, The Darkness while I should be completing my SPSS assignment but hey, that's what the weekend is for.

To all those Welsh people out there: Happy St David's Day for yesterday. I would be writing it in welsh but it would screw up my system to enable the welsh language here, sorry!

A little warning to some people that actually know me: if I consider you special and I have your address, then you may be receiving a little gift soon. I'm in a generous mood at the moment, full of cheer (in addition to paranoia).

The great post monkey is back after some absence, and is bringing me music once again (see I do actually buy music rather than just downloading it.) I prefer to have the actual CD anyway, I'm rather pedantic with things like that. Anyway this weeks band of choice is Bright Eyes, who use guest artist's quite a bit, for example my name sake Emmy-Lou Harris. They produced two albums at the same time: Digital Ash in a Digital Urn and I'm Wide Awake and It's Morning. DADU is more electronic and modern and my personal favorite out of the two whereas IWAIM is more mellow (hence the presence of Emmy-Lou). Now I'm on a collecting binge to get the back catalogue now in addition to so many other great albums that are coming out soon. My Amazon wish list can be distributed to anyone who requests it, I should warn you that it has over 250 items on it, most of which are musical items.

And before I forget, I've been ordered to inform the world (well those that read this) that Mish is a wonderful person. Not only am I saying this because he asked me to mention him, he is a really nice guy who I know will sit there and listen to me bitch, moan and cry and still be able to talk to me the next day without getting fed up with it. And he's so generous (thanks for the hat).

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