Saturday, March 04, 2006


Not only is it the name of possibly the greatest college at Queen's Campus at least (and you know it), it's also covering everything in sight. While watching The Matrix Reloaded for experimental purposes, I just happened to look out the window and see a large flurry of snow whirling around. Cue many people taking photos of the rare site and much waving to people in the other buildings. If you live on the second floor in Craggs, why did you not wave back to the 2 rather crazy girls hanging out the window on top floor Backhouse? It's still all there this morning, and now all the canal's have frozen over in Toy Town which I noticed on my way to campus this morning.

On a slightly related note, can anyone help me with motivation? I need to finish my SPSS assignment, but there are so many more interesting things happening like the snow, the rugby later (which I may sneak off and watch without Scott knowing).

Tonight it is planned to go to the Rocket once again but with a twist. Mish has decided that he will get wasted tonight. Don't ask me why or how but he shall be falling out of bed yet again tonight for only the second time in is life. Maybe he's trying to balance the cosmos as I have rather limited my drinking over the past few weeks.

Finally, before I go and have some lunch and eventually carry on with my work, it seems that people are getting jealous of the attention I lavished on Mish the other day. So it's now time to give Scott some attention:

He's one of my best mates at uni. We share the same interests and taste in music (apart from Smelly) and we can have a laugh about pretty much anything. He's another person I know that I can say anything to and I know that he won't tell anyone else. I look forward to our trips to home bargains on a Monday and our washing up sessions on a Wednesday. I'm going to miss not living with him next year, he makes things seem more bearable when I go stir crazy, and I think he's going to make an excellent teacher.

Right back to work...

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