Wednesday, March 08, 2006

5 Days...

Only 5 days to go people...

I came back from lectures this afternoon to find a note from our cleaner (Linda) saying that we should take our own rubbish out at the weekends and not leave it for her to do on Monday morning. Well yes we would do this if it wasn't for the fact that both sets of oven gloves (including mine) have gone missing in addition to 3 of my 4 glasses being broken as well as Mish's and Scotts, and my measuring jusg being chipped and having a massive crack in it. The broken glassware is due to the cleaner throwing (believe me, i've heard her in the mornings) anything thats left near the sink into the washing up bowl without any consideration. Therefore we will not be considerate towards her.

The water out of the tap is pure chlorine apparently, so i've moved back to the cheap fruit juice from Bell's.

The heating on First floor of Ebsworth is broken so we all had to strip before SPSS this morning so that we could at least survive till the end of the lesson.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologise to Mish for snapping at him yesterday, it's not a good time at the moment, and whe you have 3 hours sleep one night and then can't get to sleep because of a certain person, you aren't in the best of moods. Sorry!

My social life has rocketed recently: I've been invited to Hush tonight but Desperate Housewives is luring me back, Thursday is good old Club NME, Friday is Jess' birthday/formal dinner/last Coc-Soc which will result in a trip to Klute/Planet of Sound, Saturday is the last but one Rocket (who's actually going to go to the last one on Friday?) then Sunday is Quiz Night and Monday is mybirthday and a trip to 'Boro. Then Wednesday is the last Hush and finally Thursday is club NME again. Somewhere we have to fit in film night, but I think my overdraft had better look out...

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