Monday, March 06, 2006

7 Days...

If you don't know what's happening in 7 days, then shame on you!

Weekend has been quite mixed, Saturday was spent in the Rocket as usual after finishing my SPSS assignment (finally!) However this time, Mish was being very generous and buying everyone a drink (or 5 shots in my case). Not quite sure why he chose this weekend to get smashed. I had to go and buy him vodka from the savior that is Bells since I was the only one with ID, however didn't get asked to show it. I don't know whether that's a good thing or not, as they only ask if you look under I look that old now? I always thought I looked younger than other people my age, obviously not anymore. Lots of dancing was undertaken and there are some questionable photos on facebook which I don't really remember. Around 1:30 am the power was cut and the fire alarm started going off. This freaked a few people out until Scott started telling everyone that it was a drill. Apparently he had told Kwan in advance who failed to pass on this valuable piece of information as he thought it was a joke on Mr Biggs' part. There were no bio-meds in sight for once due to copious amounts of work to be done. The psychologists also have copious amounts of work but alas we don't care and would rather party the night away with the business students. Upon returning back to the social hub that is Fairbridge, food was ordered from the Bite Centre, who have failed to get any order right. The theory was again tested on Sunday night, and there was a discrepancy over garlic bread this time.

Sunday brought with it a nice new day, crisp fresh air and ice, but no snow unlike Saturday morning. I've become a regular at the library these past few weeks on a Saturday but how depressing is it when you end up spending every available opportunity over the weekend in the house of books. It's even more depressing when you're listening to Radio 1 and you can count how many times you've heard the same songs in a day. Still the day was broken up with the viewing of The Matrix Reloaded in the said quiet place, and I'm extremely surprised that we didn't get caught. Apologies should go to Scott who let us use his laptop and then forced him to sit with his fingers in his ears for about 20 minutes.

All there is to do now is a social essay and creative/reflective journal...

Apologies if this is full of incoherent babble but I'm slightly delirious at the moment.

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