Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm Emma.

I'm disgusting.

I go on a girls night out with the intention of being the sensible one but drink just as much as everyone else (possibly more):

    • 1 pint of Calsberg
    • 1 shot of sour apple Corky's
    • 1 bottle of Grolsch
    • 1 pint of Strongbow and Blackcurrant
    • 1 pint of Stella
    • 4 Archer's and Lemonade

According to my nifty little calculating device, i've consumed 15.1 units of alcohol in that list alone, which doesn't take into account the 3 rather large mugs of sparkling wine that were consumed before we left Backhouse...

The reason why i'm so alcohol concious is because Liz has just got back from an alcohol course after she got caught drink driving, and so last night was filled with little bits of information for all you drivers out there, such as if you go out drinking and leave your car at a friend's house, when you drive home the next morning you may well still be over the limit. Bet you didn't think about that did you?

So as you might have guessed, last night was quite "involved" shall we say. Sarah, Liz, Vicki and I left for good old 'Boro at 8, heading for the Walkabout first (what night out in 'Boro doesn't start there?). Here, Sarah decided that she was going to be an angel for the night and went about constructing a halo from glow sticks. Did you know that you have to be 18 to buy glow sticks? This caused a guy from Wales and a guy from Leeds to comment on her being an angel and she then set about telling them that he first deed as one was to make me beautiful because i used to be damn ugly. Thanks for that Chape.

After afew swift-ish drinks and the amazement of how i can fit my jacket in my bag, we headed steadfast into the cold towards The Dicken's. I have to say i was mightily impressed by the place. It was a really nice bar with lots of seating and being open mic night, there was good acoustic music. I was even more impressed by one guy who sang "Billy Davy's Daughter" by the Stereophonics, which is such a moving song and one that you don't hear ever, not even at their gigs do they play it anymore. Yay for people liking obscure songs. Things now get a bit hazy but one thing i do remember is that someone took my phone and started calling people quite randomly. I now have no free minutes left, so if you got a call, you won't be getting a proper one for a while yet. Also if you text me, i apologise for not replying as my brain couldn't quite work out how to text back.

Anyway after the Dickens, we headed once again out into the freezing night air and walked to The Crown. This is going to be a new haunt for me. I mean come on, it's the only Indie disco for miles around and it plays really good music. The people there are really friendly and the drinks are also quite cheap.

Another discovery of the night was Sex in a Box which consists of Chips, Bolognase and Cheese, pure heaven after a night out! All these strange yet yummy concoctions the 'Boro people have gives more of a post alcoholic binge variety than just a kebab.

It's strike day today, and i had the day off anyway, so the psychologist's just aren't happy. I should be writing a developmental essay but somehow i don't think it's going to happen...

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