Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birthday Celebrations

I would like to thank EVERYONE who sent me a card, gave me a present or even wished me a happy birthday! I had such a great day in all and thank you all for making it special! The day started by getting rudely awoken by Mr Biggs who informed Kat that she had overslept and Clare was waiting for her outside. After she left I opened my presents that had been sent to me by the parental units. Soon lectures had to be attended so I collected may cards on the way out. After ridding myself of the Developmental Essay I spent all weekend writing and attending the lecture to go with it, I headed on home making a quick stop at Bells to buy alcohol for the night's festivities. Kat helped me to get ready by curling my hair and Scott's present provided much hilarity and definitely brought out the assassin in me. Clare, Nat and Vicki arrived and it was time to make a rather impromptu version of Sex on the Beach with Archer's, Buck's Fizz and Cranberry as Mish drank all the vodka the night before. We headed out on the train to 'Boro and aimed for The Dicken's. After singing on Cannonball by Damien Rice (the modern God of music! I tell you it did feel like sacralidge, but what's a girl to do?) Ben took it upon himself to get the whole bar to sing Happy Birthday to me. Cue a really rather embarrassed Emma and a sharp exit to the Crown. On the way we stopped at the Bite Inn as everyone was starving by this point. Nat tried to kill me with a Chilli covered Kebab while people had sex in a box and a close contender for the title. A few posters were taken from the establishment as they were so pretty and Sarah had been wanting one for ages from there.

Soon we were in the Crown drinking shots from test tubes (many of which found there way somehow into my bag...) and dancing to the music. I was feeling rather tired and so left at 1:30 am with Nat and Vicki. When we reached halls, I collapsed into bed and only woke up at 12:30 pm today. I'm still in my pj's, think I should go and have a shower and get dressed just in time for dining later.

Once again thank you so very much for making it a great night, it was one of the best birthday's ever, it was just a shame that not more people could come out or up to see me, I did offer people, just remember that when you feel jealous of missing out on the fun. If you're on Facebook then look at the photos from last night, there are some rather amusing ones there that you may want to see, but I can't be bothered to post here.

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