Friday, March 10, 2006

3 days...

3 days people, time is running out...

Last night was spent perusing the emo scene at Club NME in association with Empire. The 2 bands were both equally as good but also quite different. We're still not quite sure which band was which but the first lot were definitely the better. They had a bit of a Radiohead vibe going on but with a bit more edge and less depressing lyrics. The second band were quite funny with their between song banter, but we're a bit too mad for my liking, although I did like their Waltz song. Photo's shall appear when I get home.

Anyway it was basically a bio-med social and me, which was kind of weird, sitting in Lizzie's kitchen and only knowing about 3 people out of the 20 or so that were there. We managed to get the train to 'Boro for free being the cheap students we are, which gave me a chance to bond with Chester over the wonders of growing up in such an amazing (Huh?) town.

The night was rather strange as I felt left out yet again upon reaching the empire as everyone (and I mean everyone) there was wearing black. So you're bound to get noticed in a bright pink top, denim skirt and fishnet tights... Everyone appeared to just stand around and do nothing, whereas I let the beat carry me throughout both the sets. It was quite sad to see 2 girls (probably underage) leaning against a wall at the back all night not even getting involved with the mass shouting that was occurring. You could tell that we were different to the rest of the people there, being from Stockton and all as upon entering the disco room upstairs, we were the only group of people actually dancing. The famous Bo Rap (Bohemian Rhapsody for those of you who remain uneducated) came on and we were singing along and doing the funny moves that only students can do, when I looked around and saw the emo kids just staring at us. We even got stared at when we started moshing. I was very disappointed.

The night ended with a minibus somehow being acquired (even though it was there to pick up people other than ourselves, who had taken the sensible route and booked one in advance) and a trip first to Stevo to drop all the bio-meds off and then onto Snow to take me and Clare (yet another bio-med) home. They're lucky they have the day off today. Instead I have a full day starting at 9, although my IT exam has just been cancelled...

I think sleep is called for before tonight's activities.

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