Thursday, March 16, 2006


Oh a high note my lctures today have been cancelled so yay for that, wish i'd have known before i actually got myself ready to go, then i could have just collapsed back into bed for the rest of the day.

Last night was one of the best nights i think i've had so far this term. It was off for chinese with the Rokeby massive: Jess, Emma, Danielle, Byron, Kwan and Ellie. After forgetting one of our party (I blame you Kwan!) we eventually had food and kind of made a little bit of a mess of the restuarant. Heading back to Rokeby, the girls beat the guys int he driving challenge, by a long shot. A centurian was attempted by Byron and Jess (with some of my help) but Byron dropped out and the girls won. Since Bells was still open, we headed over to get some wine and ice cream, which was proptly consumed. The next few hours are a bit hazy; food was ordered, my phone was used as a weapon and Jess was playing with everyone's drinks. I did get to meet Bailey though (all will be revealed) who is just the cutest thing ever! Ryan moved Byron's car and displyed why his such a bad driver with his awful parking. And i think that's about it, i can't remember much else apart from spilling some secrets which weren't so secret apparently and letting Mish and Kwan take my sleeping bag. I have no idea why.

Oh and Kwan, have a good Easter mate, thanks for arranging last night too!

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