Sunday, March 19, 2006

OOhhh Shiny!

After a mammoth 18 hours sleep, I'm feeling fully refreshed and ready to face the day. Well evening now. Dinner is cooking away and I'm sitting here downloading music to my birthday present. That's right, I've finally entered the modern age and have a rather snazzy mp3 player. It's this one and I would add a photo of it, but the home computer is being stupid as always and I can't connect my laptop to the internet here.

I am very very pleased with such a birthday present but I have to agree with other reviewers that the software is crap. Other than that I'm really pleased with it. Just have to find a case for it now before I can actually take it out with me! I'm currently ripping VHS or Beta to it and also ripping a large number of albums from my laptop to CD in order to load them up later.

Hopefully I'll be allowed to take it with me to the dentist tomorrow so I don't have to listen to the drill while I'm having my filling done...

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