Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Honey I'm Home Pt 2

Well I'm finally home after the trek to Newcastle. Much fun was had there however I did not relish the fact that the journey there was far from simple. The C2C trains were held up for no apparent reason, the underground refused to actually take me where I wanted to go and then my tickets got messed up at Kings Cross.

Although I didn't get to see much of Newcastle itself, I did get to see V for Vendetta which although being a very good film, was also a bit hard to describe. It's slightly confusing towards the end but overall very very good. Although Natalie Portman's accent is hard to place. It's not quite English but it's not really anything to be honest, sometimes she is rather Cockney-esqe at the beginning but then it fades as she meets V. A film I'd highly recommend to all. Also it was good to enjoy a proper Ska night courtesy of Northumbria University, even though there was a high proportion of R'n'B played at the beginning of the night.

Thanks to Dav and his parents for letting me stay, the break was definitely appreciated. Now I just have to do the large amounts of work that have been piling up and waiting for me...:o(

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At Thursday, March 30, 2006 1:28:00 am, Blogger Randall said...

Nice blog ya have..:)


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