Monday, May 01, 2006

"Perhaps Vampires is a bit strong but..."

I'm in pain, so much pain today and I don't know why. My neck hurts (if you've seen it you'll know why) and my stomach muscles have been in agony since late yesterday afternoon. Plus my stomach won't stop making rather strange noises. It's all rather worrying.

Saturday night was certainly interesting. After the previous outburst, nothing really happened at La Roche. Went to Spoons first with Nat, Kat, Clare, Simon, Lizzy and Henry (oh and of course Ben) but they all decided to leave the Rocket to just me and Nat for the evening. Upon arriving, we met Jo (coc-Soc), Laura (coc-Soc) and Jo (psychology) in the queue, and later created a bond between my flat and Nat's by bringing the Fairbridge and Backhouse groups together at the same table. After a moderate (yes 2 pitchers and a few other alcoholic beverages are considered moderate) amount of alcohol was consumed, much dancing was enjoyed. Shame Mish and Kwan can't take a hint a move when i tell them too so as it doesn't look like I'm stalking people. Much embarrassment was encountered as James proceeded to tell me that he needed to talk to Scott, and then dragged (literally) Nat and I back to Fairbridge. Not only was he dragging us and telling people we were his bitches, he spent the entire journey back screaming "SCOTT" really loudly and asking random people if they knew where Mr Biggs lived. After locking myself in the kitchen in order to avoid listening to the embarrassing tales James was conveying to Scott, I ended up finding myself standing in the stairway in my pj's and a rather uncompromising position when Kwan left the flat. This information was then duly relayed to Mish and Scott probably along with a well timed phone call to Scott from an alternative source the next morning. I have now earned myself the nickname of Vampire (even though there was no blood involved). However the fact I shall be wearing a scarf for the foreseeable future (about 2 weeks minimum I'm guessing) is an indication of how much of a victim I really am...

Lack of sleep meant that I was actually dozing during episodes 18 and 19 of Lost Series 2 that Brynuts actually managed to find eventually. However I was soon awoken by Trainspotting (an essential 90's classic, although not as good as Shallow Grave in my opinion) but regretfully had to depart during Finding Nemo, one of the best films ever. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light and only just managed to hear Kat's alarm this morning and actually wake up realising that I had to go to lectures today even though it is a bank holiday in the rest of the country!

Happy May Day to all, may (there is no other word that fits) you all riot against work and up the ante on the social revolution that is secretly at work. Now that you are all updated on the weekends events, I shall depart back to the stack of books awaiting me in the corner...

P.S: James, I am not a hussy.

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