Sunday, April 23, 2006

Interesting (Pt 2)....

In case you can't tell I'm back in Stockton, currently waiting for the library to open so I can do some revision (shock horror). Trip back was ok, no major disasters, went to the Rocket last night but to be honest it was a bit rubbish because hardly anyone was there.

Went to see "Smaller" on Friday, now I've finally remembered what the play was called. I love Maria having contacts as we ended up sitting in a Box all on our own and we felt very important with all these people staring up at us. I mean when I go to the theatre, I usually spend ages trying to work out how the hell people got into the boxes, now I know: have friends that work at the theatre! The play was very moving in some parts and hilarious in others. Alison Moyet can't act to save her life but her character was meant for her I think. Who else can sing a Robbie Williams medley dressed in a chicken costume and not crack up laughing at the absurdity of it all? Dawn French was perfect, mixing comedy with tragedy and it was a part I've never seen her play before but it suited her very well.

Now it's back to the monotony of work and revision. Do you think 942 words is enough to write for something that was supposed to be 1500 word limit? Maybe I should get back to it....

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