Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Shaun!

Yesterday was Shaun's Birthday, he's really old now, only 3 years till he's 30! Since he had to work yesterday there was no celebrating, so tonight he is going out, but I already have plans so alas I can't join him and his friends (who scare me a little I have to say). So I just thought I'd say happy birthday to the main man and hope that tonight he has lots of fun and I shall catch up with him tomorrow for lunch and that trip he promised me! Oh and I apologise for releasing your age to the whole of the internet but hey, you really don't look that old!

We are all set for a weekend of decorating in my house. The living room currently has patches of paint all over it because no one can make a decision as to what colour goes best with the awful carpet. I also have been given permission (that's how we do things in his house) to re-decorate my room, which has been the same since we moved here 5 years ago, and was probably looking the same 20 years ago. So it's out with the wallpaper and in with a really nice bluey/grey/purpley paint and wooden floor. Now I just need to persuade the unit's to let me get a new bed and we're all set!

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