Monday, April 10, 2006

"You Bitch!"

I was kindly greeted yesterday by the above remark at Charing Cross station by the wonderful Maria. It just so happened that we both had the same bag, although her's was slightly cheaper than mine. Well you can't beat good fashion sense. The really strange thing was that when i bought the bag i though that it was the kind of thing Maria would want and then yesterday upon walking out of my house, i thought that if she did in fact have that bag then she would probably be using it on that day. How right i was.

The ever more wonderful Karen was also dragged along on our little IB meetup in the heart of our beloved capital city. Coffee was had in Starbucks, Cocktails in TGI's (many fond memories of that place) and then more alcoholic beverages were consumed at O'neil's (surprise surprise, it was an Irish pub that Maria directed us to). Much gossip was exchanged between our little coven including the tales of Michael and Maria (oh how i wish that saga hadn't ended) and how dull a place Hull is. It was good to see the college girls again and it made me realise that i've managed to loose touch with a majority of people that i've been to school with. I only talk to 1 person from primary school (Matty) a handful of people from the Convent and the same number of people from College. I just hope the same doesn't happen at uni! Friends are important to everyone. Never lose site of your true friends.

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