Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alcohol is bad

Can someone remind me to never drink an alcoholic beverage again.

By the way it's not because I suffer the morning after, it's to spare me embarrassment during the night in question.

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At Saturday, August 11, 2007 2:32:00 pm, Anonymous Joel Phillips said...

George Ramirez: The Good Man Who Could Have Been Great
by Joel Phillips
publisher: www.religiousfreedomwatch.org
owner: American Coast Title (www.actfortitle.com)

A constant theme in Scientology is the creation and expansion of human ability. That’s what moving up the bridge is all about.

My crusading efforts through my www.religiousfreedomwatch.org site to expose criminals, terrorists, zealots and other destroyers have made me the target of attacks. It seems that groups of Wiccans, Indonesians and Russians are working really hard to get me and shut me down.

Some of these attacks have come literally to American Coast Title’s doorstep in Glendale. Some of these have been utterly frightening to us all.

Now George Ramirez is one of our title and escrow superstars. The other American Coast Title owners Frank Berriz and Linda Blood think he’s great as do his fellow workers and he’s had a special commendation from our underwriting title company Stewart Title and he’s of course pretty active within Reomac.

George Ramirez is the man who stood up to the extremists when they came to our door. He’s not a Scientologist and of course California employment laws prevent any kind of overlapping religious activity in the workplace. But, he saw what the right thing was and wasted no time doing it.

He scattered those guys in literally seconds! Too soon to tell if they were actually Islamic Jihad sleeper cell guys as we did not find any Korans laying around but it is safe to say that we have our suspicions about who were behind them. Especially since we’re pretty sure Charlotte Kates was involved. You can find out all about her on www.religiousfreedomwatch.org but for now let’s just say she’s a long time member of a well known Moslem terror group!

Now George Ramirez has a problem and that problem’s name is alcohol. I have to think he started drinking in the navy. He’s a good person and solid contributor to the company but if he could just toss away the beer bottle he’d do so much better!

Out of my own pocket I’ve provided him with Scientology materials on health but he’s not interested. Scientology has proven solutions to the problems of drinking and alcohol abuse. I can’t push the issue as there’s the California law thing and then he objects that due to Federal oppression of Scientology the health insurance provided free of charge to each and every American Coast Title employee would not even pay for a penny of the Scientology treatments. I have gone on to say that due to his meritorious service against the Indonesians and the like that Scientology would provide these treatments free of charge but that is somewhat crossing a line even I am not willing to cross at this particular pass in my professional life.

Now one of the main reasons I’m spending time to write this is that I want people to know that we Scientologists don’t think non-Scientologists are inferior. That is a common propaganda point of the bigots and extremists out there. We think everyone is equal and that’s why there’s no gate on the Bridge That Leads To Total Freedom!


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