Monday, April 10, 2006

Dear Mr Cadbury...

Recently I've been a little strange to say the least and the parental units really don't know how to deal with me. So they've taken to buying me chocolate, and lots of it. It's no wonder I'm getting fatter. So working my way through a 250g bar of Dairy Milk with Biscuit, I find a raisin in it. Then upon starting the next row, I find 2 more raisins, until I get to the third row and this is full of raisins. This really annoyed me because in my head I was eating dairy milk with biscuit and the presence of these rogue dried fruits made me feel slightly sick. So I'm sending the remaining bar back to the factory to complain. In compensation unit XY came home from work today with two 400g bars. There's only 1 left...

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