Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's Craaaaazzzzyyy!

Yep that's right people, today Elyse, Andy, Tom and I went to Brentwood to play Crazy Golf. You know, golf that is crazy. Much fun was had by all, and I narrowly lost to Andy by 1 shot. I could have tied with him, but alas I was not used to the wet weather conditions. We also regressed back to childhood by playing on the swings, roundabout and of course who can forget the Fort! Now I'm sat at home with the unit's and a case (yes a whole case) of Kopparberg, the greatest think to come out of Sweden after those green marzipan cake things that I like so much, and of course the musical genius of ABBA. I joke about the last one. So with only 20 cans left (I may have had a couple last night upon returning home...) I am well on my way to not having to pay over the odds Spoon's prices. Sorry Daggy, I know you work there and everything but I prefer 95p a can to £1.99 a bottle.

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