Monday, April 17, 2006

I hate the Student Loan Company

I hate, hate. HATE filling in forms. The most stupid of which has to be the Student Loan form. I've already told you that I normally live avec the parental units chez Essex, so why do I have to then tell you where my parents live 3 times after that? And why change the loan from just a simple loan to a Maintenance loan and a tuition fees loan? Do I need to apply for both or will it put me in even more debt? If I end up with less loan next year, I will not be happy.

Then there comes the NHS claims form for my dental work. How many benefits are there to claim? I'm amazed. And since I've told you that I'm English and live in England, why do I then have to make it clear that I'm not an international student? Can these people not read? Sorry I'm in a grumpy young student mood today, realising that I have no time to do all the things I need to do before Saturday. Still a meeting with an old friend will make it all so much better I think.

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