Saturday, May 06, 2006

"I just wave at them as they pass by"

I can't remember when i last updated this so i aplogise if i repeat myself.

I didn't go to Moby's Grapes on Thursday as I was too tired after playing football with the guys. Ok i admit that i sat out for most of the game and only came on when Mr Biggs injured Mish by accident. Well that's what happens when you have one "professional" football player wearing his boots and a whole load of people runnign around in jeans and trainers because we're there for the fun aspect... I was quite impressed that i actually remembered how to play football after all those years with rugby, although i did a handball once of twice out of habit. All in all it was a fun time and it will certainly be repeated at some point. After that we headed to Dubliners for Karaoke, how i've missed the place! Scott and Emma spent most of the time singing in preparation for the X-Factor auditions. Mr Biggs has changed his mind every day it seems as to what song he is singing...Let's hope he decides tomorrow finally!

After getting up for a rather boring and pointless 9 am lecture yesterday it was decided that the Friday Night Cinema Project would still be going ahead. Vicki, Nat and myself left it to the gods of fate (a Bell's bag and some pieces of paper) to decide which film to see. Mission Impossible 3 was picked and so we headed to Teeside Park with Skittles and Jelly Tots. The film wasn't too bad, although the romantic story line did kind of intrude on the action (yes i like all the explosions and stuff). Became slightly freaked at the sight of a internal explosive charge going off in one of the agent's heads.

After a trip to the heaven that is Bells to pick up some alcohol, a party was in full swing in the Backhouse penthouse. After sharing a few stories and secrets with the girls from the past few weeks, i manage to drag myself across the courtyard to my own flat to simply crash into bed.

Now i have Dilbert on dvd (courtesy of Mo) and i'm so tempted to watch it, but i haven't done any revision in a while so i may just watch a few episodes which wont hurt...Who am i kidding, i'll watch the whole thing!

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