Thursday, May 04, 2006

"That's GCSE maths!"

For those of you i actually know in real life, i have a new mobile number. For those of you i don't, please don't ask me for it, because you wont get it.

Revision has grinded to a halt really over the past few days, but i don't want to fail so i guess i should start again today... However upon viewing Mr Biggs' Maths exam paper, i'm starting to think that maybe i should have done Primary Education as the Maths is about GCSE level...I don't think i need to go into details about how that feels, but the Business students also fail to have a management exam whereas i have all my exams intact. It's not fair.

Tonight is "Get Your Kit On" at Moby, raising money for something, i'm not sure what exactly. The idea is you turn up in some for of kit or stash and get drunk. The general consensus is that its come at the wrong time and people are too busy working or sleeping to go. Hmmm i'm torn between the looming exams or the chance to go out with the Coc-Soc.

Lack of sleep is really catching up with me, i find it so difficult to stay awake now in any situation whatsoever. Even when Mr Sach is texting me from Croydon because he's "bored". Normally i stay awake for our late night conversations because he makes me so angry! Anytime i'm sitting down or near my bed, i'm overcome with an urge to sleep. So apologies if you've been trying to get hold of me while i've been asleep, i know i'm usually the one to text you lot late at night.

Life is pretty boring at the moment to be honest. Actually it's starting to get more interesting but things are getting in the way. Namely other people, possibly acting out of jealousy, trying to invade my life at the moment. I think that after the exams, things will get a lot better/easier, just have to get the stress out of the way.

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At Thursday, May 04, 2006 11:33:00 am, Blogger Jess and Emma! said...

I'm distraught that i hav not bin informed of yr nu mobile num... u obviously do not love me as much as i love u...


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