Saturday, October 07, 2006

Long time no see

Well it's been an awfully long time since i've updated this blog, but now i'm back at uni i suppose i shall be writing it in more to cure the intense boredom that i often feel.

I'm back in Stockton in case you couldn't tell and i'm not enjoying it. Well I went to Prague with Mr Spencer 2 weeks ago and it was the best holiday ever. Not only is it really cheap out there, but it's such a beautiful city. We managed to cram a lot into the 3 days, but we still didn't see all that we wanted to so i think a return trip is on the cards at some point. The most magical part of the trip was probably the last night, we got all dressed up, had dinner in the Cafe Louvre ( a must to visit if you go, it's such a nice traditional cafe restaurant, and it's cheap!) and then walked across Charles Bridge which is probably the most famous part of Prague. It's a medievel bridge with lots of religious statues along it. The way it's lit up is fantastic and there were a couple of guys playing an interesting raw yet tribal beat ona some drums just under the east tower. After walking across there we walked the 3 miles or so back to our hotel in the dark through the back strreets of Prague where we discovered that you can buy Pilsner lager in McDonalds! Another memorable part of the trip was probably visiting the Jewish Quarter. Not only did we find Hoegarden Lager for about £0.90p per half litre but it was so moving. One of the synagogues has been transformed into a memorial for the victims of the holocaust that came from the ghettos in and around Prague. All the names are painted on all the available wall space with the dates of birth and death along side. I was obviously moved but nothing could prepare me for the sight of the number of children that died there. One girl, with the name Ema, wasn't even 3 years old when she was killed. When i saw that, i just burst into tears. I urge everyone to go, because until you see something like that, you don't quite realise just how important an event it was in the history of the human race and nothing like that must ever happen again.

On a lighter note (slightly) I've had about 3 lectures and already have 3 research papers to read and a presentation to write in addition to the compulsory reading for the course. It's all a little disheartening really. Plus the living situation is getting me down because now I'm torn between living with my best friends at uni and the flat. However I am going home on Friday to see Mr Spencer and pick up some books so all is not lost. Then I'm going home on the 17th November as well because Steve and Kat (Chris' friends) are getting married and apparently I have to go to the wedding. Think it will be a lot of fun, just hope I don't get too drunk like Thursday at Dubliners.

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend and keep smiling everyone!

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