Thursday, June 01, 2006

"I'm Starving." "I'm Jess."

Yesterday was an interesting day. Laying in bed till 12 pm and then heading to the astro-turf to watch the College Cup. The thing with having 2 colleges on the same campus, and only 2, means incresed rivalry between them. Therefore any sporting event held between Snow and Stevo equals a very interesting time. Sadly, Snow didn't seem to do too well and Stevo won the cup once again. There are some photos from the football which shall be on Facebook. After a disappointing afternoon, it was decided to go to the last Hush of term.

Emma, Jess and Nicola went to Lava first while, Mish, Scott, Kwan, James, Rob, Nikki, Tim, Mo and myself headed straight for Hush. A few shots of Black sambuca later and the place was looking a bit full. 45 minutes standing at the bar annoyed me slightly, but i was even more annoyed by the absence of air conditioning. This meant that everyone was sweating even more than you would usually in a club! Scott and Mish were dressed as twins practically (i'll post a photo later) but i don't know how some of the guys could keep their jackets on! At the end of the night i headed home with Tim, James and Mo, back to Harewood for a brief period, before going back to Rokeby. There we stayed till about 4:30, inventing names for people (Keith, Ralph and Mark ring a bell?) and generally having fun! It was Kwan's last night, and i'll probably not see Emma or Jess again for a while so it was a good way to say goodbye for the next few weeks.

It made me realise that the summer is going to be so weird, not actually seeing all these people that i'm really good friends with now. Also made me realise that this year has gone so fast and brought me so many new experiences. What a difference a year makes.

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At Thursday, June 01, 2006 7:41:00 pm, Blogger Jess and Emma! said...

Indeedy our Emma! Love u, love Jess xXx


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