Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Its the final countdown..."

One more exam to go...Cognitive. Yes that's right it's Cognitive tomorrow, not Tuesday as we all thought. I am forever indebted to Bryan for actually checking his exam timetable at 1am on Monday morning. So after a night spent on Vicki's floor, it was a tough 12 hours of straight revision. It ended with Nat, Bryan and myself reading to each other in order to drum the notes into our brains. I think it went well considering that we had less time than most for cramming!

Now there is only Cognitive to do, which is by no doubt the hardest exam (and the one which i will fail). Then, it will all be over and plans have been made to keep us occipied for the first few days of the holiday. Might make a surprise trip home for a few days at some point, but i want to travel. I want to go to exciting places and do exciting things!

The msn problems at the moment are annoying the hell out of me because it just keeps logging in and out and now that i dont have messenger plus, it doesn't let me know that people have logged out. So many conversations have been blocked by the incompetence of Microsoft.

Procrastination is a wonderful thing....

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