Thursday, May 11, 2006

"We be Burning"

I'm a lot less stressed today since discovering that i can just read my IB revsion guide and know more or less what i need for these exams. So cue a fairly mellow Emma, almost back to her usual self.

Today has been spenton the Barrage avec Vicki and Nat, enjoying the sun, getting a bit burnt (or a lot in Nat's case) and watching the flying fish. If you don't believe me go down there and have a look! It seems that we have the ability to attract rather strange men after the whole "Have you been to the gym?" comment yesterday on the way back, today was filled with "You just relax there girls" and "Are you doing your lessons?". What is it with the randy old men of Stockton? Much fun was had, albeit interspersed with the enjoyment sucking revision.

I was very pleased to discover last night that the Badger (Ruth that is) lost out to Michelle on The Apprentice. Sir Alan can make some good decisions then. It was very hard to restrain from telling Bozz the result, but i didn't spoil it for you did i? Now there is no enjoyment left to my Wednesday nights except for Desperate Housewives.

Now it is time to try and digest the muck that is College dining with a Nat who matches the colour of her bag (very VERY pink) and a very very brown Vicki (it's not fair!).

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