Friday, May 19, 2006

"Little girl you're in the middle of the ride"

I know, I know, I haven't updated in almost a week, but that's because of very important things known as exams occurring. Tuesday was Statistics, during which I forgot what a parametric test was and therefore did one whole question wrong and also couldn't remember the parameters of any of the obscure distributions. So that's 40% down the drain already.

Then came the panic of revising for Social and Developmental (two modules in one). An all nighter was attempted and only 3 hours sleep had before I had to have a nap in the morning before the exam and arrived at campus with a sense of dread. I knew that Nat and Bryan had done way more revision than me and I only knew about 3 topics really well (Aggression, Attraction and Autism). It seems that luck was on my side and those 3 topics were on the paper. This then made me feel really bad about Nat as I knew how much she had worked and she was hoping that Attribution would come up and it didn't. So being the kind and generous friend that I am, I managed to get Episode 22 of Lost season 2 for her to watch to cheer her up. I'm grateful indeed to the person that gave it to me, it did the trick. It's so good! But episode 23 is the last in the series, what are we going to do?

Now I am sitting on campus waiting around for an IT exam which I'm probably going to fail as I haven't looked at Authorware for about 3 months and can't remember anything about it. Also can't find any notes on how to use it so I'm a bit stuffed really. Now my supposed god like genius with computers is going to come into disrepute if I fail this....Wish me luck!

Tonight I have the Da Vinci code to look forward to and also the Wild West night in the Rocket, but if you think that I'm going to be dressing up, you must be joking.

UPDATE: Finished the IT exam in about 20 minutes, stayed for the first hour though and just made myself look busy. Quite easy when they tell you exactly what to do...
Now i am off to listen to music and do nothing for an hour or so...

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