Friday, May 12, 2006

"We're going down , down"

Today i realise that i know nothing. All previous knowledge of psychology has left my brain and floated out into the ether. Therefore i am going to lock myself away in the flat till Tuesday (apart from a quick trip to Morrison's) revising like crazy. You will be amazed the amount i will learn in that time. I will astound you all. Or i will fail. However on the plus side, Grays Athletic are doing quite well in the football at the moment, just one more match against Woking in the FA Trophy Final! Just think i could be there, i have the tickets, just no money to get there!

Dubliners was the place to be last night. I think there were only 5 people in the pub apart from Scott, Kwan, Emma, Jess and myself. There was no karaoke per say but upon returning to Rokeby, the two X Factor hopefulls serenaded us with their chosen audition songs. It looks like the competition is hotting up already!

Tonight is Jimmy Carr night, and the quotes have been flying around the place all day. But in order to justify my trip to see the great man (what is a girl to wear?) revision must be done. So i leave you all with the knowledge that I am off to make some essay plans to learn. If you need me, then contact me. If you want me then you know where i am, but above all, someone please save me from my insanity!

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