Monday, June 26, 2006

What a difference a year makes!

Well I'm now at home in Grays (where it rains all the time it seems), facing the prospect of 3 months of working ahead of me. I have also finished my first year at The University of Durham, and I'm awaiting the results of it with anticipation. So without much further ado, I present my round up of the year 2005-2006:
  • Accommodation: After being informed that I would be sharing a room in Halls, I was quite apprehensive. Although we had a minor disagreement at the very beginning (over what, I can't remember), Sharing with Kat has not been too bad. I thinI i got on the best with Mr Biggs, but also feel that i can talk to Mish about pretty much anything (even though I do snap at him sometimes, sorry!) So all in all living arrangements worked out quite well! Living in the block that doesn't exist does have it's advantages, it means you are less likely to be stalked (plus it adds a sense of mystery to you when your asked about where you live) but it's also rather annoying when you have to go outside and physically drag guests to the Fairbridge Drawbridge (Nat's phrase) because they have no idea where you're talking about on the phone. College dining wasn't too bad, it was still awful though, but I'm going to miss it!

  • The Course: Psychology (Applied) hasn't been too bad. My previous knowledge was put to good use and I feel that I managed to learn an awful lot more. At the beginning I was regretting taking Psychology and felt like switching to something else, but in the end I'm glad I stuck at what I did (even though I am slightly fed up of people asking me to tell then what they're thinking when I first meet them in a bar) All I have to hope is that I've actually managed to pass the year!

  • Friends: Where to start! Well firstly I have to thank Nat for putting up with me all year. Not only in lectures but also I found myself at her flat quite a bit! Her and Vickiiiii are probably my best friends at uni and I love them to bits! The Backhouse Penthouse crew provided much entertainment (usually involving alcohol) and I love Bryan for his ability to get so wrapped up in something and let it control his life (I'm talking about LOST here...) Then of course there's the Rokeby crew, which we met through Mish's attraction to Kwan (but I think we would have met them anyway, Ryan seems to just go out and meet new people all the time) Jess, Emma and Danielle are great girls, that know how to have fun! After that we have to course friends such as JD, Jo, Kirsty, Luke, Laura etc who provide much entertainment in lectures and also at the beloved Rocket. Bring on Year 2 people! Then of course there are the random people, known through friends, who you get to know gradually and make life far more interesting: Henry and Co (also known as the Biomed lot), Ben and his older friends, Daggy and the rest of the Snow football team (I randomly find them standing outside my room waiting for Mr Biggs), Ant and Dav (one of whom tries to kill me most of the time and randomly sleeps on my kitchen floor), Mo, Rob, Nicki, James and Tim who have put up with my drunken ramblings the past few weeks, James Fountain (who I met before we came to uni, but didn't actually talk to him properly till the second term and he was good friends with Vicki by then), Miss Sarah Chape (the Grape, that I am going to miss dearly next year when she's at Butler, which I will of course gatecrash from time to time) and finally, last but not least, you, the reader of this blog, you've really made my year. To all those who are not mentioned by name, you know I love you a lot and want to give you a big thanks for making my year!
This year has been full of lots of new experiences for me: living away from home with people I'd never met before being the main biggie. I've had some laughs and some cries, loved and lost, been annoyed at some people and been annoying myself. Mish asked me not too long ago, if you could go back to the start of the year, would you change it? At the time I didn't answer him, but now, looking back, I can definitely say, I wouldn't change it for anything else.

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