Sunday, June 18, 2006

"They think it's all over...Well not quite yet!"

Just as i was starting to moan and complain that there is no one around here anymore, cue most of the inhabitants of John Snow returning. You see we have to come back to register for next year, and most people are returning to the land of the north tomorrow. This also includes Connie.

After a very nice trip to Coventry/Warwick, seeing most of it by bus, and walking a fair bit, she decided that she wanted to see what Stockton has to offer her...don't know if that's a wise decision or not! I really enjoyed my time down south with eh Birthday girl, her friends are really nice (cue adding them on facebook!) and they even organised a surprise celebration in honor of her in their common room. It's so weird being in halls that aren't separated into flats like ours, to be honest i can't decide which is best. Anyway, so Connie is coming to stay tomorrow night and I'm trying to drag together a group of people willing to visit The Crown tomorrow night with us, this is an open invitation if you would like to join.

Not much else has been done with my time the past week or so. Applied for an awful lot of jobs and watched an equal amount of football i think! The plan today is to basically clean the flat in preparation of Connie's visit and to try and pack a bit. I can't believe that this time next week i shall be waking up in my own room in my own flat. It's a scary thought that I'm now so independent, but i shall leave the so called slushy end of year round-up till next week and i return home.

I still have no means of monetary gain for the duration of the summer, but i do have an interview on the 27th June, so hopefully if all goes well i shall be selling my soul to Lakeside for 3 months.

Have a happy Sunday everybody!

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