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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Free Ipod? I don't think so

Following this article I found while trawling the interweb, I started to consider the fact that I personally do not have an Ipod or any other mobile mp3 device. Why is this you may ask in horror?

  • I have a minidisc player.
  • Said player is also able to record from any cd player.
  • I can carry my player on my person at all times.
  • I can fit 8 albums on 1 disc.
  • It has a radio.
  • It's fun to pick up a random disc and have to listen to that all day.

And I mean, come on people, why do you need to carry around 15,000 tracks with you all the time? When are you going to listen to them all? So next time I'm offered a free ipod, I shall be declining the offer, I prefer to see my music and actually pay for it without cutting the artist's profits.

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AOL can kiss my big fat arse!

Last night i was having a touch of insomnia as per usual so i decided to just surf the net as you do. However upon reaching the study i was confronted with a note taped to the keyboard from my dad asking me to "fix AOL". Now i may be good with computers (we have established that i'm very good with mac's) but i'm not good enough to know what the problem was just from this little note. So i turn on, log in and boot up the old AOL software and go off to make a cup of tea. Upon returning, i expect to have been bombarded with a bunch of crap from AOL news that isn't even noteworthy enough for OK! magazine. Instead the progress bar is still stuck at the "establishing DSL modem connection" bit.

Fast forward 20 minutes later, and i'm finally allowed to start surfing the interweb. Now this isn't on, not even for dial up, and we're supposed to have the 2nd fastest AOL account that money can buy. I disconnect, exit software and reboot computer. Same thing happens. So after copious amounts of searching i finally find the help section and it gives me 2 options: either phone the company and pay up to 50p A MINUTE for the priveledge, or talk virtually to someone on the help desk. I picked the far cheaper option. Oh how wrong i was.

Immediately i am confronted with a barrage of automated messages from Chatagentuk65 saying that he will deal with my problem in a moment (i'm sorry i automatically assume that this agent was a he). So off i go, typing my problem only to find myself disconnected from the service because it took too long to type. Opened up another chat window, copy and paste question from previous agent and wait. The only answer i am given is "Have you tried restarting your computer?"

I am left with no option but to phone the dreaded company. The AOL help centre and I go way, back to the days when we couldn't install the update for AOL 6 and ended up having to wipe the hard drive every day for a week. So i was prepared for the hell awaiting me.

The man on the phone was quite polite during our 20 minute conversation. I however wasn't.

It transpires that AOL doesn't want to work with Windows XP. The problem appears to be that they decided to update their network, so everyone had to download an update in order to connect with the new faster connection speed. This update doesn't like Windows XP, it wants to see it die. AOL are now advising people not to have Windows XP when using their service. When asked what i was supposed to do, the guy said "to be honest, i don't know". At this point i shoved my hand down the phoneline and strangled the guy to death.

I got a letter in the post this morning asking if i wanted to recommend AOL to any of my friends. It's currently in the recycling bin.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why now?

Been sitting at home for well over a month doing nothing, and that's been perfectly fine. But now that i'm less than a week away from moving, all of sudden my body decides that it wants me dead. I've been in bed since i last posted, and now i'm heading back there. My head feels like a high speed train has repeatedly crashed into it and my stomach hurts like hell. Of course i haven't told the parental units about this, they'll only try and drag me off to hospital saying that i've got typhoid or some other tropical disease. Shaun says he's going to bring me some chicken soup, but since i doubt i could keep anything down, this is perhaps not the greatest idea in the world.

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A present?

A very nice young postman has just delivered a 19" Samsung TFT monitor to my house. Now i am sat here slightly puzzled as we already have 2 such monitors and 1 of those is actually 21". Is it a present? (yeah right) Or is my dad planning something for the darkroom?

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Monday, September 26, 2005

It's started already...

I'm not even anywhere near Stockton yet, and already i'm being bled dry for money. So what if i'm supposed to join the JCR (Junior Common Room) what's so special about it that i have to pay £35 for? And this stupid Matriculation thing: why do i need a robe for it? Surely that's just for graduation, like any normal university. But being Durham, they can't be normal. Anyway i've just sent them a cheque for well over £150 for stuff that i'm not even really going to benefit from. AND i've just found out that they are automatically charging me £50 just for the right and priveledge to take part in sport for the college. Me? Joining a sports team? You must be joking! Ok ok i know i'll probably be telling you in a few weeks that i've joined the rugby team, swimming team, badminton team, rowing team but still, i object to having to pay for stuff that i'm not going to use.

On a high note, went book hunting with Elyse today and managed to find 4 out of the millions that i still need. At least we had the chance for a nice coffee and chat as usual. Now i'm off to hunt for Stereophonics tickets.

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