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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

Today was X Factor audition day and even though I was in Newcastle, i didn't witness the days events. Sadly Mr Biggs didn't get through, but I'd like to congratulate Miss Black for getting through to the next round. We'll just have to see what happens come July 10th!

After a day of shopping, i'm off to Spoons to meet the Biomed's for a few jugs of cocktails to celebrate the end of their exams. Then it's all back to the flat for a continued drinking session and maybe some poker. Although i'm not really in the mood to drink tonight. I have no idea what's wrong with me lately. But I do know that i've been drinking way too much so I'm not going to get totally pissed, that's what tomorrow is for!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer (those of you that have finished exams) and to those of you that haven't i wish you the best of luck.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

All Finished!

Exams are over and have been for a while now! Cognitive was definitely the hardest. Let's just say that:

1 mediocre essay + 1 extremely crap essay + 1 list of words = Emma resitting Cognitive.

So to you all who are resitting, i shall see you around in August!

After the nightmare of an exam, Nat, Bryan, JD and myself headed to Teeside park to see X-Men 3, the best film i've seen recently! We got into it so much that we couldn't talk of anything else while sitting in the pub or on the long walk back to campus for college dining. That evening, i once again found myself on a long walk, this time to Thornaby to pick up a copy of Episode 23 of Season 2 of Lost. That's how desperate i was to watch it! Nat and I polished off a bottle of wine to celebrate the end of exams and joined the nuts of Bry for the spectacular event. After discussing the merits of the series and episode for a good few hours, it was time for bed.

Luckily i managed to wake up in time for lunch at Spoons with a few of the Business girls who had just had their last exam. A few pints of cider and black later, we were wandering down Stockton High Street trying our best to not get arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour. We bought more alcohol and of course pizza in preparation for the Backhouse party later that night. Many people joined us for the party, and i slept on Nat's floor to save myself any embarassment upon returning home. All i can say that it was a great night!

Yesterday involved a trip to the retail park to help Mr Biggs find an outfit for his up and coming audition. I purchased a few books for myself including Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight CLub) and i have to say that the first chapter has caused a riot in my flat as it is quite disgusting in nature! The evening was occupied with a visit to the Rocket to celebrate Clare's last weekend in the UK as she will soon be jetting off to the big old US of A. Much fun was had, just want to apologise to Clare herself for walking off early without saying goodbye, still i shall see her tuesday no doubt, when the bio-meds have finished their exams (finally!)

Today has been a day of catching up on sleep (I realise it is now officially Monday, but hey!) and a trip to Riley's for a few rounds of pool, one of which i won by default and the rest i lost dramatically, especially my final bout against Mish.

Well i guess i should head for bed since even the hardcore among us retired to the land of nod a good while ago.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Its the final countdown..."

One more exam to go...Cognitive. Yes that's right it's Cognitive tomorrow, not Tuesday as we all thought. I am forever indebted to Bryan for actually checking his exam timetable at 1am on Monday morning. So after a night spent on Vicki's floor, it was a tough 12 hours of straight revision. It ended with Nat, Bryan and myself reading to each other in order to drum the notes into our brains. I think it went well considering that we had less time than most for cramming!

Now there is only Cognitive to do, which is by no doubt the hardest exam (and the one which i will fail). Then, it will all be over and plans have been made to keep us occipied for the first few days of the holiday. Might make a surprise trip home for a few days at some point, but i want to travel. I want to go to exciting places and do exciting things!

The msn problems at the moment are annoying the hell out of me because it just keeps logging in and out and now that i dont have messenger plus, it doesn't let me know that people have logged out. So many conversations have been blocked by the incompetence of Microsoft.

Procrastination is a wonderful thing....

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Never again

The wild west night on Friday was very interesting. After a whole bottle of wine to myself, i made a total arse of myself. With multiple people. I'm not going into details, but i feel like an idiot. I aplogise to everyone that i saw that night, because i did some really stupid things...I'm so embarassed. However i can't remember much of what happened.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

"Little girl you're in the middle of the ride"

I know, I know, I haven't updated in almost a week, but that's because of very important things known as exams occurring. Tuesday was Statistics, during which I forgot what a parametric test was and therefore did one whole question wrong and also couldn't remember the parameters of any of the obscure distributions. So that's 40% down the drain already.

Then came the panic of revising for Social and Developmental (two modules in one). An all nighter was attempted and only 3 hours sleep had before I had to have a nap in the morning before the exam and arrived at campus with a sense of dread. I knew that Nat and Bryan had done way more revision than me and I only knew about 3 topics really well (Aggression, Attraction and Autism). It seems that luck was on my side and those 3 topics were on the paper. This then made me feel really bad about Nat as I knew how much she had worked and she was hoping that Attribution would come up and it didn't. So being the kind and generous friend that I am, I managed to get Episode 22 of Lost season 2 for her to watch to cheer her up. I'm grateful indeed to the person that gave it to me, it did the trick. It's so good! But episode 23 is the last in the series, what are we going to do?

Now I am sitting on campus waiting around for an IT exam which I'm probably going to fail as I haven't looked at Authorware for about 3 months and can't remember anything about it. Also can't find any notes on how to use it so I'm a bit stuffed really. Now my supposed god like genius with computers is going to come into disrepute if I fail this....Wish me luck!

Tonight I have the Da Vinci code to look forward to and also the Wild West night in the Rocket, but if you think that I'm going to be dressing up, you must be joking.

UPDATE: Finished the IT exam in about 20 minutes, stayed for the first hour though and just made myself look busy. Quite easy when they tell you exactly what to do...
Now i am off to listen to music and do nothing for an hour or so...

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Well a great weight seems to have gone from the flat. After his first exam, Mish seems to be in a more chippper mood as now he knows that it's not impossible to do. I am however rapidly descending into a pit of oblivion as i realise how little i know. Revision has been halted till the afternoon so i can get a long run in when i've woken up. Afterall there is no point in trying to do revision when you're half asleep, it just doesn't work.

I probably should go and have a shower at some point today...

By the way, Jimmy Carr was excellent on Friday, especially when confronted with the stranger inhabitants of 'Boro. Thanks to Jess and Emma for a wonderful night!

Now about that shower...

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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Last night was the set in of the great depression. People were busy revising because lets face it, most of the people around here have been outside every night playing in the courtyard. Therefore, for those of us who's brains have turned to mush, we were completely bored. In the end it was decided that we would have a mini-party in the Backhouse Penthouse. Nat, Vicki and myself were the only participants but it was a wild night to say the least...

Cocktails were made that resembled Mushy Peas (in colour, not taste or texture). Carrots were thrown at me by Bryan, with the help of Mike (think i have a bruise there now). We found ourselves unable to leave Vicki's room due to the door being taped up. The word "whore" found itself magically appear on Nat's wall. Bryan, Mike and Pete all showed us various parts of their bums (i said i wouldn't post pictures, i didn't say i woudn't mention it). We all got rather tipsy.

Now i face a day of stats revision when all i want to do is go back to bed after only 6 hours sleep.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

"We're going down , down"

Today i realise that i know nothing. All previous knowledge of psychology has left my brain and floated out into the ether. Therefore i am going to lock myself away in the flat till Tuesday (apart from a quick trip to Morrison's) revising like crazy. You will be amazed the amount i will learn in that time. I will astound you all. Or i will fail. However on the plus side, Grays Athletic are doing quite well in the football at the moment, just one more match against Woking in the FA Trophy Final! Just think i could be there, i have the tickets, just no money to get there!

Dubliners was the place to be last night. I think there were only 5 people in the pub apart from Scott, Kwan, Emma, Jess and myself. There was no karaoke per say but upon returning to Rokeby, the two X Factor hopefulls serenaded us with their chosen audition songs. It looks like the competition is hotting up already!

Tonight is Jimmy Carr night, and the quotes have been flying around the place all day. But in order to justify my trip to see the great man (what is a girl to wear?) revision must be done. So i leave you all with the knowledge that I am off to make some essay plans to learn. If you need me, then contact me. If you want me then you know where i am, but above all, someone please save me from my insanity!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

"We be Burning"

I'm a lot less stressed today since discovering that i can just read my IB revsion guide and know more or less what i need for these exams. So cue a fairly mellow Emma, almost back to her usual self.

Today has been spenton the Barrage avec Vicki and Nat, enjoying the sun, getting a bit burnt (or a lot in Nat's case) and watching the flying fish. If you don't believe me go down there and have a look! It seems that we have the ability to attract rather strange men after the whole "Have you been to the gym?" comment yesterday on the way back, today was filled with "You just relax there girls" and "Are you doing your lessons?". What is it with the randy old men of Stockton? Much fun was had, albeit interspersed with the enjoyment sucking revision.

I was very pleased to discover last night that the Badger (Ruth that is) lost out to Michelle on The Apprentice. Sir Alan can make some good decisions then. It was very hard to restrain from telling Bozz the result, but i didn't spoil it for you did i? Now there is no enjoyment left to my Wednesday nights except for Desperate Housewives.

Now it is time to try and digest the muck that is College dining with a Nat who matches the colour of her bag (very VERY pink) and a very very brown Vicki (it's not fair!).

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Under Pressure!"

My mood seems to fluctuate recently. With the obvious stress of exams, there's also the influx, it seems, of hormones racing around my body in conjunction with the heat and lack of sleep which would make anyone grumpy. Plus this time of year doesn't hold the greatest of memories for me.

I know i get paranoid, but that's based on past experience. I've been hurt a lot and until someone shows me that things don't have to be filled with pain, then of course i'm going to be wary.

All i ask is for 15 minutes of your time to talk. You asked me to be honest, well i'm being honest. I just want to get things sorted so i have a clear head for the next few weeks.

Don't dwell on the past, live for the present but think of the future.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Get Your Tits Out"

Finally managed to finish watching the wonder that is Lee Evans today! I've been gearing myself up for Jimmy Carr already (thanks to Emma and Jess for inviting me). I'm really looking forward to it on Friday, should be a good evening out.

Last night i admitted something that not many people know and i surprised myself with how easy it was. But now i think that things may have gone tits up (hence the title partly). Why can't things ever work out? It's probably because i wait for ages before doing something about how i feel and then by that time everything else has fizzled out. Or i come on too strong for some people and freak them out. I can't win. No wonder i end up hurt.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

"Falling over backwards for you"

What an interesting weekend it's been. Full of revision and a lot of fun. I didn't manage to resist the temptation of Dilbert on Saturday afternoon and so watched as much as i could, including my favourite episode ever (The Return).

Saturday night started at La Roche (The Rocket) for a few quick drinks with Vicki, Nat, Rory and a few other people before James and Vicki literally dragged me to The Crown in 'Boro against my will. I really wanted to stay to talk to various people including the one who doesn't look good on the dancefloor (that was only to through a drunken insult his way). However after a few drinks at the crown, it was time to head to Empire to see Sarah. After trailing around for a bit and having a few compliments thrown my way due to the hat, we found James and Sarah outside in a bit of a mess really. Upon calming Sarah down and reassuring her that things would be ok and that there was nothing to worry about anymore, we headed back to the haven of Old Halls.

To You: I'm sorry i went off. I really didn't want to leave you.

Yesterday was spent revising and getting stressed over stupid things which wasn't helped by Mr Biggs (just you wait, i'll get you back for all of this). I acted on a few big decisions today but it hasn't come to anything just yet so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I've probably blown it once again like i always do.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

"I just wave at them as they pass by"

I can't remember when i last updated this so i aplogise if i repeat myself.

I didn't go to Moby's Grapes on Thursday as I was too tired after playing football with the guys. Ok i admit that i sat out for most of the game and only came on when Mr Biggs injured Mish by accident. Well that's what happens when you have one "professional" football player wearing his boots and a whole load of people runnign around in jeans and trainers because we're there for the fun aspect... I was quite impressed that i actually remembered how to play football after all those years with rugby, although i did a handball once of twice out of habit. All in all it was a fun time and it will certainly be repeated at some point. After that we headed to Dubliners for Karaoke, how i've missed the place! Scott and Emma spent most of the time singing in preparation for the X-Factor auditions. Mr Biggs has changed his mind every day it seems as to what song he is singing...Let's hope he decides tomorrow finally!

After getting up for a rather boring and pointless 9 am lecture yesterday it was decided that the Friday Night Cinema Project would still be going ahead. Vicki, Nat and myself left it to the gods of fate (a Bell's bag and some pieces of paper) to decide which film to see. Mission Impossible 3 was picked and so we headed to Teeside Park with Skittles and Jelly Tots. The film wasn't too bad, although the romantic story line did kind of intrude on the action (yes i like all the explosions and stuff). Became slightly freaked at the sight of a internal explosive charge going off in one of the agent's heads.

After a trip to the heaven that is Bells to pick up some alcohol, a party was in full swing in the Backhouse penthouse. After sharing a few stories and secrets with the girls from the past few weeks, i manage to drag myself across the courtyard to my own flat to simply crash into bed.

Now i have Dilbert on dvd (courtesy of Mo) and i'm so tempted to watch it, but i haven't done any revision in a while so i may just watch a few episodes which wont hurt...Who am i kidding, i'll watch the whole thing!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"That's GCSE maths!"

For those of you i actually know in real life, i have a new mobile number. For those of you i don't, please don't ask me for it, because you wont get it.

Revision has grinded to a halt really over the past few days, but i don't want to fail so i guess i should start again today... However upon viewing Mr Biggs' Maths exam paper, i'm starting to think that maybe i should have done Primary Education as the Maths is about GCSE level...I don't think i need to go into details about how that feels, but the Business students also fail to have a management exam whereas i have all my exams intact. It's not fair.

Tonight is "Get Your Kit On" at Moby, raising money for something, i'm not sure what exactly. The idea is you turn up in some for of kit or stash and get drunk. The general consensus is that its come at the wrong time and people are too busy working or sleeping to go. Hmmm i'm torn between the looming exams or the chance to go out with the Coc-Soc.

Lack of sleep is really catching up with me, i find it so difficult to stay awake now in any situation whatsoever. Even when Mr Sach is texting me from Croydon because he's "bored". Normally i stay awake for our late night conversations because he makes me so angry! Anytime i'm sitting down or near my bed, i'm overcome with an urge to sleep. So apologies if you've been trying to get hold of me while i've been asleep, i know i'm usually the one to text you lot late at night.

Life is pretty boring at the moment to be honest. Actually it's starting to get more interesting but things are getting in the way. Namely other people, possibly acting out of jealousy, trying to invade my life at the moment. I think that after the exams, things will get a lot better/easier, just have to get the stress out of the way.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

"Perhaps Vampires is a bit strong but..."

I'm in pain, so much pain today and I don't know why. My neck hurts (if you've seen it you'll know why) and my stomach muscles have been in agony since late yesterday afternoon. Plus my stomach won't stop making rather strange noises. It's all rather worrying.

Saturday night was certainly interesting. After the previous outburst, nothing really happened at La Roche. Went to Spoons first with Nat, Kat, Clare, Simon, Lizzy and Henry (oh and of course Ben) but they all decided to leave the Rocket to just me and Nat for the evening. Upon arriving, we met Jo (coc-Soc), Laura (coc-Soc) and Jo (psychology) in the queue, and later created a bond between my flat and Nat's by bringing the Fairbridge and Backhouse groups together at the same table. After a moderate (yes 2 pitchers and a few other alcoholic beverages are considered moderate) amount of alcohol was consumed, much dancing was enjoyed. Shame Mish and Kwan can't take a hint a move when i tell them too so as it doesn't look like I'm stalking people. Much embarrassment was encountered as James proceeded to tell me that he needed to talk to Scott, and then dragged (literally) Nat and I back to Fairbridge. Not only was he dragging us and telling people we were his bitches, he spent the entire journey back screaming "SCOTT" really loudly and asking random people if they knew where Mr Biggs lived. After locking myself in the kitchen in order to avoid listening to the embarrassing tales James was conveying to Scott, I ended up finding myself standing in the stairway in my pj's and a rather uncompromising position when Kwan left the flat. This information was then duly relayed to Mish and Scott probably along with a well timed phone call to Scott from an alternative source the next morning. I have now earned myself the nickname of Vampire (even though there was no blood involved). However the fact I shall be wearing a scarf for the foreseeable future (about 2 weeks minimum I'm guessing) is an indication of how much of a victim I really am...

Lack of sleep meant that I was actually dozing during episodes 18 and 19 of Lost Series 2 that Brynuts actually managed to find eventually. However I was soon awoken by Trainspotting (an essential 90's classic, although not as good as Shallow Grave in my opinion) but regretfully had to depart during Finding Nemo, one of the best films ever. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light and only just managed to hear Kat's alarm this morning and actually wake up realising that I had to go to lectures today even though it is a bank holiday in the rest of the country!

Happy May Day to all, may (there is no other word that fits) you all riot against work and up the ante on the social revolution that is secretly at work. Now that you are all updated on the weekends events, I shall depart back to the stack of books awaiting me in the corner...

P.S: James, I am not a hussy.

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