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Friday, October 28, 2005

An Interesting Lecture...

Well i've just had a very interesting lecture that included these words of wisdom:

"When you're knee jerks off..."

"Most people are addicted to eating. Personally i'm addicited to breathing"

"Magic Mushrooms are great aren't they!"

"I miss the cocaine in coke"

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Foxey!

Well for friday anyway! So last night we decided to go out and help Vicki (aka Foxey...and now i know why eeep!) celebrate her birthday. It started with drinks at the backhouse penthouse, which Vicki, Nat, Mel and myself spent yesterday afternoon getting from various shops (it's amazing how far £35 can go!) Also Mel brought a little (understatement) surpise with her for us all, which caused great amusement to everyone (there's a photo of it, don't worry) Drinking started at 8, we then went to Absolute and then onto Hush, which proved very interesting. Have to say i was quite drunk near the start but at the end i wasn't so much. Ended up leaving with Bry, Mike and Pete at about 2, everyone else left at 2:30, so i didn't miss much. Anyway, here are the long awaited photos for you all to peruse at your pleasure:

The Birthday Girl!

Just some of the alcohol, you can see the Raki in the background to the right of Vicki

Me, Vicki and Nat in Mike's room after going to see what he was doing with Vicki.

Paul and Pete on the sofa in Hush. (Paul ended up naked from the waist down when Foxey decided it would be fun to pull his extremely loose jeans down. Luckily for him we were dacing upstairs in Hush at that point, right against the back wall, so no one saw)

Liz and Nat in Hush (I think one of them has had too much to drink, but which one?)

Me, Annie, Vicki, Mel, Nat and Sarah in the toilets at Hush. I don't look that fat usually but it's because there are mirrors all over the place!

Bryan and his burger, the ultimate lovers.

Mike's lovely photo of me in Absolute. According to him i look like the devil here because of my red and black eyes. You decide.

Last but not least, Mel's "little" surprise. A 3 litre bottle of smirnoff. It went missing temporarily, while we were all in the kitchen. I went and asked Bry if he knew where it was, and he said no. Then on the way out someone noticed that it was actually propping his door open. Neither of us had noticed it and he couldn't remember moving it. I think we were both pretty tipsy at that point.

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And So I Leave You...

In half an hour i have an IT streaming exam, which normally i would sail through because lets face it, who can't format text in Word or calculate on spreadsheets in Excel. But unfortunately I went out last night (details to come later) and i think i may still be slightly drunk. Wish me luck, because if i get less than 80%, i'm stuck in the begginer's course for the year. *kicks Bryan for convincing her to go out*

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh Peter!

On one of the many forums that I frequent we came across this guy and well, of course we had a nice laugh about it. I mean who wouldn't be able to resist THAT!

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WARNING: Rambling Girl In Vicinity Of A Blog

Well it's 10:34 on a Tuesday morning and I have stuff that I could be doing, but do I REALLY want to do it? In the words of Gina Yashere "I DON'T 'FINK SO".

Instead i am sitting here in my room on my own doing various things like...changing the view of my blog (do you think it looks pretty?). And trying to get the university network to recognise my mac mini. I mean come on, I have 2 network points in my room, surely I should be allowed to use both of them? The joys of trying to fleece a University.

On the upside, my name has randomly been put on the guest list for Mobygrape every tuesday since I got here. The fact that I've only been there once (and on a thursday too) since I got here means that I am slightly confused. Why would I want to go to Chart and Cheese Night. I prefer the rock night (where they actually played nothing but r'n'b confusingly enough). It's Alt Soc's social there this Thursday, maybe I can carry my free entry position over till then.

I think some guy called Murphy has been working his magic here again as I am surrounded by washing that needs to be done however every time I go to the laundry room, there is a queue of about 10 people, and it's been like that every day for the past week! Don't worry I have lots of clean clothes still, and I'm not onto turning my underware inside out just yet. The fact that my room is practically next door to the laudry room makes no difference, as soon as I see a large number of people leave, an equally large number are automatically transported there. I miss the days of getting up at 2 to do washing for the next day *curses Durham rules*

Have you ever watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? Well I'd only seen the cartoon till yesterday when Scott produced it after his trip home, along with a mahoosive bag of fruit and of course the obligatory xbox (wonder if he'll let me mod it for him? I need a new project) I have to say it is quite a funny film. Especially when the word "HADEEL" keeps scrolling across the screen every 5 minutes.

Well I am off to play a little ball game now. Then i suppose I should get on with:

  • Completing my cognitive essay on methodologies
  • Actually reading about the research we're doing today
  • Finishing my social notes
  • Reading numerous biological books
  • Reminding myself about Mann-Whitney Yu tests
  • Trying to install SPSS on at least one machine here.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Never Again

Last night Kat, Clare and I went to Ben's house to play poker with him, Suzanne, James, James, Gareth and Max. I have to say it was an extremely interesting night. Large amounts of alcoholic beverages were consumed and now my bag smells of Strongbow thanks to a jog through the park at 10pm, which got some interesting looks from Nat and Bryan when getting my stuff out for lectures today. I'M NOT AN ALCOHOLIC! I must admit that I did drink quite a bit (only because Suze kept topping up my glass when I wasn't in the room). And...I actually made profit last night for once, a whole £1.08p! However I do feel bad because I didn't invite Ed to come along. He wanted to play a big game of poker this weekend but I felt awkward as I don't know James etc that well and Kat and Clare don't know Ed that well so it would be a bit awkward for everyone involved. Maybe next time though.

The plan for tonight is to do some reading, then go to bed as I'm extremely sleep deprived. As for tomorrow I have to run out of the research class to get the bus to Durham to go to the Comp Soc social which I've been invited to. Should prove interesting as they don't usually ask Stockton students to join, but I'm special! (it may have somethign to do with my Mac Mini)

I've realised that I miss having a car. Especially since Shaun has a brand new car that I want a ride in!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

That Blasted Fire Alarm!

7 am this morning i am woken by the fire alarm going off in the kitchen. Only me and Mish in and he's in bed so no one was cooking. Then just now it goes off again for no reason once more. What is going on? It's a new alarm as well, and it's mains powered, so no batteries to change. I'm confused and sleep deprived.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why the shower?

Well you may not know that we have a massive shower here. That's because our rooms are meant for diasbled students. It's very complicated how it all worked out but hey we are complicated people. Anyway so our shower is basically like a wet room rather than a shower cubical, with seats and everything (comments have been made by Ben, James and verious other males as to what you could get up to in there). So i was having a shower this afternoon, reached down to get my shampoo and kind of fell into the chair thing. Tried to stand up only to realise that my knee wouldn't work. So i basically had to crawl out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel because it hurt so much. Only i couldn't because my towel was still on my bed. You can imagine the look i got from Kat when she came back from hockey with friends. I never knew you could blush all over your body...

Now i am sat here with my knee strapped up (i knew that first aid course would come in handy) so i guess i won't be going to badminton with Ed tonight then.

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"Unbreak My Heart"

All i can hear at the moment is Toni Braxton accompanied by Mish, Ryan and the Kwanker through the door. I mean come on she's not that good a singer and she's not outstandingly beautiful either. I'm a girl, what do know!

Today has been rather uneventful, just been catching up on work.

Only remarkable thing is that Shaun has bought himself a new car. A £32,000 pound one off car i should add. It's a black BMW Z4 with a load of extras and it's the only one in the world like it apparently. Pictures will be displayed soon, but until then you'll just have to use your imagination. I thought it was quite funny when i pointed out to him on the phone that he works in London and therefore can't drive to work, and he never normally goes out anywhere that isn't in central London, so when is he actually going to drive it. That atarted him off panicking that he doesn't really have anywhere to park it. Boys and their toys.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Fresher's Ball 2005

Well here it is, photos from the ball. Well some of them:

Me and Kat before the ball.

Me and Mike (feeling a bit tipsy at this point)

A Picture of the toilets: when have you ever seen a toilet that is completely covered in mirrors? It was slightly freaky i must tell you.

Clare playing giant inflatable twister. I was playing but got kicked off just before i took this picture *sulk*

Pretty Bubbles (which we were given for free)

First aid people looking over the balcony (the casino was behind them)

The wonderful Bryan (who is now really depressed because the girl in red next to him is not interested in him anymore)

Random crowd shot of 2000 students in the ballroom

Jo of former S Club 7 fame: our wonderful entertainment for the evening (in addition to the Honeyz and the brass band and some dj form TFM)

Well that's about it, had a lot of fun, danced with some guys in kilts and got a bit tipsy. Nothing much to report really, was pretty uneventful apart from when Kai and Poppy had an argument (hehehe knew it wouldn't last)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Exciting day? Meh

Sat up most of the night talking to Kat. Shared a few secrets and now things are cool between us! Didn't have any lectures so sat at home reading then just surfed the net the rest of the afternoon. Went to college dining (got to love the dry chicken) and Kat cracked a joke about me and Scott being like an old married couple. Kind of killed the conversation really. Just watching Friends dvd's. Kind of boring really.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

*kicks network*

Why can't i use firefox on the university network? It's the preferred browser on the actual lab based computers, so why can't i use it on my laptop when it's connected to the network? If anyone has any answers i'd be very grateful!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ohh look at the firemen!

Well we've just had an intersting 20 minutes. Kat went to get her washing from the laundry room (well it was Ben's duvet actually). She came back about 30 second later saying there was a really loud alarm coming from the reception area. Then we noticed that there were lots of people standing outside. So we grabbed the guys and went outside to see this:

I apologise for lack of focus but i didn't have time to set things up properly! It turns out that someone was cooking a roast chicken in Richardson and had let it burn, left the kitchen door open and instead of the pre-alarm being tripped like our one does all the time, it had just set off the corridor alarm. The whole building had to be evacuated and 2 of the 4 fire engines that Stockton has, arrived in double quick time.

After our long fire safety talk, you'd think they would have learnt by now.

And it's exactly 2 weeks since we moved in, figures i guess.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Our flat is cursed

Following the attempted break in during the week, a leak developped in Scott and Mish's ceiling at around midnight last night. It turns out that the girl in the room above had allowed her bathroom to flood while taking a shower which lasted for 30 minutes. Which asks the question: what was she doing in there?

Scott is currently dismantling Mish's tv in a bid to get freeview channels so he can watch the x factor extra stuff (we know what you're up to *grin*). Apparently i'm a jinx on the whole operation so i've been banned from the room. I don't care, i have cous cous.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm Lonely, So Lonely....

Well it's the weekend and that means...most of the college is going home. Vicki, Nat, Ryan, Bella, Mike the whole of Rockerby block, everybody is going home. I just have one question: Why? Haven't you people realised that all your friends will still be at uni and you'll be stuck with your parents? (Disclaimer: I love my folks, i really do) Anyway I was supposed to be going to Plymouth this weekend. Right now i should be on a train in fact, heading for Leeds. But someone decided that they would rather not talk to me for a week after saying it was fine to come. So rather than getting there and finding that i can't get into my cousin's house and having to crash somewhere, i thought it would be better to just stay here in this place, out of the way, on my own, where no one wants to visit me.

There's a big hint there if anyone wants to go back a read it.

Today proved quite uneventful. Fell asleep in Biological, despite the nice Irish lady talking to me about MRI scans (i think i know a lot about them already dear). We're going out tonight somewhere, when Mish decide's what he's going to do. I fancy some stir fry, among other things.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Unbelivable crap

Look at this unbelievable crap

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Oh yeah I forgot to mention earlier...

...Someone tried to break into our flat last night. I went into the kitchen at about 12 to make sure that the window was closed because we have to leave it open when cooking. So i go into the kitchen to find the curtain poll hanging across the window and the curtains are drawn (we never normally draw our curtains.) Go to check the window and find that it's wide open with the handle missing! Knock on the boys door to be confronted by Mish in his rather interesting pj's and Scott in is boxers. Told them about it and Mish says that he had closed the window previously. The penny suddenly drops, we go and check the kitchen to find Scott's broken glass and a few other bits and pieces out of place. Phoned the Senior Resident, she comes in her rather fetching night time clothing and says she'll tell the caretaker. Anyway we go back to our rooms, i lock my door and then Scott text's me asking if i've got my tv on or if i'm talking to myself. I reply saying no. Next thin i know, i'm sleeping on the floor in Mish and Scott's room because we're all a bit paranoid. I say sleep, more like we all stayed awake because we were shit scared. Phoned Kat to tell her what had happened because she was staying at Ben's and her main concern was telling the caretaker about our dodgy heating and oven. Great priorities that girl has :P! Scott woke me up at 6:30 because he was of to his school placement and i was blocking the door. Didn't really sleep after that but instead slept during my whole cognitive lecture. I have no recolection of that hour at all. Off to bed now to catch up on some sleep. Night all. *Locks door and gets ready to sleep with iron bar in bed*

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Shopping and Men

Today i have no lectures because....well it's not my groups turn. Anyway decided to go into town with Scott and Kwan. Scotty just found out that he's in the Snow football team so he needed to get some new shorts and socks to match the team colours. So i took him to all-sports which was the closest one to us, thinking you know just pick up a pair of shorts in the right size some white socks and thats about it.

Boy was i wrong.

We spent half an hour in there because Mr Biggs couldn't decide which white shorts to get. They were both addidas ones, only difference was the stripe colour: black or blue. And to be frank, i couldn't tell the difference. Then there came the socks. I couldn't be bothered to wait around so i just grabbed him a pair and told him to buy them. I thought guys were supposed to be good at shopping? I on the other hand went into boots, found the lemsip capsules and paid for them. Simple as.

We're ordering food from the bite centre tonight (mmmm parmo....) the guys are just to lazy to cook.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Crumpet's Rule!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Texas Hold'em Poker

Here is the correct way to play Texas Hold'em Poker:

1. Find a group of resonable people willing to play poker (those under the influence of alcohol are optional but highly preferred):

(Ben, Scott, Kat and Me)

2. Let your dealer identify him/herself

3. If you are checking the cards then check:

4. Or betting then, bet:

5. If that's all too much then fold:

And that's about it. If you require further instruction please leave a comment and the poker group will get back to you.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Toast sounds fine, think i'll pass on Hudson though

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Went to Durham to meet the Computer society people after all i need my electronic fix once in a while. Tom seems quite nice and he even complmented me on my laptop. Got shown around the various facilities that they have and met the new super server for projects: Toast. Don't ask me the specs because i wasn't told, it's top secret and only available to the exec apparently. Had lunch and we discussed what we thought of the durham network. Well it turns out that everyone there has had problems with duo and various other intranet things. The reason for this we discovered is that we all get routed through the old and decrepid server also known as Hudson. Durham may have money, but it's too tight to upgrade its hardware.

After a few hours, got the free bus back to Stockton and went to Ben's house to play poker. Vast quantitites of alcohol were consumed and we invented new playing styles which were recorded in digital images for prosterity. They will be posted at some point when i find the bloody cable for my camera, i know its around here somewhere!

When we got got back though, there was someone standing in the foyer of our block. we walked through the carpark (not that quietly or soberly) only to find that it was Mishark. He had heard the door buzz, gone to open it, found no one there, then realised that he had left his keys in his room. So he was stuck between the foyer, the ground floor door and the door to our flat and that's where he'd been standing for about an hour. When we rescued him he was extremely creeped out, bless him! Scott went to bed and left me and Kat in the kitchen and i said something so incredibly stupid, i hope she didn't remember it this morning.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

You're not doing too well for the best uni in the country

Today i was timetabled to have 2 lectures: Stats from 9-11 and then Biological Psych from 1-3. Well stats ran over into 3 hours, then when i get home to print off the lecture notes, i find that the section for stats in my module selection section is not there. So i can't do anything about that. Then I go back to the campus for bio, only to find that we're in the wrong room on the timetable. So off we trudge to reception and try to find out what's going on. Get told a different room, go there only to find there's a medicine lecture in there. Go back to reception to be told that the lecture has been cancelled at that time and we should have got our new timetables yesterday. Not looking too good for the uni thats supposed to be the best...

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"It's for foundation pride"

Last night we decided as a flat to go to The Rocket for karaoke. Scott got a bit overenthusiastic trying to get me to sing, insisting to everybody that asked, that i was going to sing a number from Grease or something Alanis. However when we got there, there weren't enough people to do karaoke because most people had gone to Middlesbrough on the inter-college night. So we all decided to play pool. Mishark went home with Kwan because he didn't feel well, which left Scott, Kat and myself. Soon enough Ben came along and we got a game going. I lost terribly, which isn't normal but i blame it on the fact that i'm slightly under the weather. Anyway the beer was flowing and we were the only ones in the pool room, but before long a group of foundation students came along and wanted to play us. It's quite safe to say that we beat them, quite comfortably. Which was surprising, seeing as i potted the most balls for our team while some guy (Andy?) kept saying "I'll be the best shag you'll have at uni" I'm very happy to add that Ben and Scott were trying to shield me from his advances. Just as we had run out of change, Ben's friend Emile turned up in his very nice Mercedes, and gave us a lift home, which took all of 30 seconds. It's such a nice car that we just sat in it talking till about 1am. Then we went inside, watched some of season 1 of the office and eventually went to bed at about 3.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fresher's Flu

Yep you read it right, your lovely host has a very bad case of freshers flu. So bad in fact that i haven't left my room for a couple of days because I feel so bad. I've almost finished a whole bottle of Beechams All In One, which is slightly worrying. I think i might have od'd slightly as I've been taking lempsip capsules as well, must check to see if they have paracetamol in them as well.

However had to go to matriculation today in Durham cathedral. What a waste of bloody time that was. Had to be at the campus for 8:30 and trapsed around the holiday building so they could take a photo of the college together. Then when we got back to the front where the busses were waiting we saw 10 coaches (i'm not joking) to collect us and take us to Durham. Now bare in mind that ther were only 250 of us and each coach can carry 50 people. Logic would presume that they would spread everyone out over the coaches, but no. We were herded like the cattle we are onto a coach until it was full. Sat next to Kat which was cool but felt sorry for Scott as he had to sit next to some random stranger. Of course our coach ahd to be the one that someone spewed on. Which then set a chain reaction off of people wanting to hurl.

Upon arriving at Durham we had to process in gowns to the cathedral up the backstreets filled with cobbles: NOTE TO SELF: Do not wear heels when you know you're going to be walking on cobbled streets. It's not fun and it's not clever. Scott and I lost Kat, Mishark and Yung and had to kind of stand in a crowd of people that were all mature(er) students. Got in the cathedral and got separated from Scott, so i was sitting at the end of a row on my own next to some guy who's doing medicine. We were the first college there. The others arrived: St John's, Hilde and Bede, Collingwood and Hatfield. Have to say that we looked quite smart compared to the other colleges without gowns. Sat through a really long and boring service and tried not to fall asleep. Then when it ended i thought that i would be one of the first out because i was sitting at the back, but the powers that be decided that we would get let out last. Found Scott then got dragged through a banner procession by the reps. Felt proud to be a member of John Snow College at that moment. Found Jung and Mishark, then we decided to skive off and go home on the free bus instead of visiting the freshers fair there and the sports fair. Waited for ages, got home to find Kat had come home with Ben earlier than us!

Now i'm sitting in my room, tidying, deciding not to go out tonight because lectures start tomorrow and i have to be rational about these things. I can't mess up this time around!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

"We know what you're doing..."

If you were in the carpark of the peterbrough extra service station on friday morning, the above phrase sounded out over towards the motel. That's because there was a guy standing around, making himself look presentable for his "lover".

In case you can't tell i'm writing to you from my room in Stockton. Just got back from campus after running around trying to find my registration documents because i had changed college. Turns out that the internal mail system here is useless and i had to go to the international students office to get my forms. Go figure.

Having a lot of fun i must admit, went to the Rocket last night and got taught the college song:

"If i had the wings of a sparrow,
If i had the arse of a cow,
I'd fly
right over to Stevenson,
And shit on the bastards below."

There is more to it but its surprising what you forget when its being taught to you by a naked cowboy...

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