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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If n = x then d = jake gyllenhaal

It's Pancake day today and soon we shall be gorging on pancakes a pleanty!

Nat has been in a rather strange mood all day, which seems to have rubbed off on me. Her, Vicki and I went to see "Proof" starring Anthony Hopkins, Gwyenth Paltrow and the gorgeous Jake of course. It was such a film that appealed to my inner geek and also touched me in a rather strange way. Gwyneth's mental brakedown was well executed and the film had a rather Tarentino-esque feel to it, with the bouncing back and forward between various time states. And the proof in question just invovled differential equations, that's not so difficult really is it? Maybe it is...

Now we're currently planning birthday events as i'm eager to see a band. In order to tide me over i'm going to see Paul Smith from Maximo Park, DJ tomorrow night (aren't you jealous?).

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Monday, February 27, 2006


I often get asked, "What is the point in having a blog?"

Well I would say that it is a way of expressing my creativity and thoughts in addition to general events in my day to day life. It is not subject to censorship as how can you censor your own thoughts? Plus i get the chance to record all those things that make me smile in this rather terrible world, to remind me that things aren't always so bad. Those are my reasons and if you don't agree with them or anything else that is said here then please email me or leave a comment here (if it's anonymous, i will hunt you down, it can be done) and i will address your thoughts and queries. I apologise if things are a bit quiet around here now.

On a brighter note Nat is attempting to kill me through tickling and general scaring tactics. Someone come and save me from Backhouse!

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Strike 6

After reporting that i didn't feel well, i was promptly sick for most of the night. When you haven't thrown up since you were 8, it's definitely a strange experience to empty the contents of your stomach. This was interrupted by the early arrival home of Mish, which lead to us both being locked out of the building until he could get up the courage to go and speak to security and get them to let us in. Shortly afterwards, Scott and Kwan returned home and since we were all awake it was decided to play Piss Artist, which for those of you who don't know, is exactly like pictionary except you are supposed to drink a fair bit and it has "Dirty Draws" some of which were easier to draw and guess than others. As the game was finishing, i treated the guys to a view of me being sick, nice for them i know, and then Kat came home, but not before Mish and Kwan beat Scott and I after we'd been leading the whole game. Now i've seen her pissed before, but this was something else. Let's just say that when i started throwing up againg during the night, she took it upon herself to clean the entire bathroom...practically naked. Since we were both up, we watched a bit of Friends and then managed to get a few hours sleep. I'm going back to bed to lie down, hope all your weekends were much better than mine.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006


20 minutes ago i was sitting in The Rocket Union. Now i'm sitting in my room, on my own, in pj's and hoodie feeling shit. I was suddenly overcome with an attack of nausea and glad that i live less than 5 minutes away from there. It's the perfect end to a perfect day really, a day spent with Mish and Scott shopping. This has taught me that men are worse than women at shopping. It's too painful an experience to recount...

Although i feel shit (i'm not ashamed to admit it), i've just discovered a very funny program on BBC 2...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Paper Plates and Paper ceilings

College dining was more than intersting tonight due to the roof caving in where food is served in the Waterside room. Thus we had to eat off paper plates and it didn't add to the general atmosphere that we usually have at dining. Would have been funnier if more of the roof had actually caved in while we were there.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stupendiously Twattish

Well Stat's problems was so boring today that Nat managed to take a very unflattering photo of me wrapped in my scarf with Bryan looking very studious in the background. Little does she know, but i'm going to embarass her later in this entry. If she had been clever, then she would have managed to get the stupendiously twattish one behind me as well. I'll let you guess who we mean...

Mish is still going on about the miraculous win last night, during which all could be heard was Ryan going "Take his legs!" After that, Mish did go slightly crazy when Henry scored and apologies had to be made to those around us.

Tonight is going to be spent on the Hush bar crawl to celebrate Clare's birthday, lets see if anyone can actually make it to Hush before we've run out of money! And now for Nat's embarassing moment: From the Rocket on Saturday (after all that traveling), Vicki took this picture after Nat licked my face. She's a strange one that girl, but she's a really good friend! So dear, here's your embarassing moment, look at your face! He he he!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm a Prisoner

Well it's got to the stage where Mish, Kwan and I are complaining about uni. Being in Stockton is different from being in Durham. We really are just University College of Stockton on Tees. I think Mish summed it up perfectly by likening this to an open prison. After going away for a day i don't want to be back. I was unhappy before that but now I'm even more depressed and i don't know why. The course is annoying me, it doesn't interest me, and even though the people are nice, there really is nothing to do here other than the same things week in week out. So give me reasons to stay here, otherwise i may not be here next year.

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28 Days

Work has fallen by the wayside today and so films have been watched: 28 Days Later being one of them. It's a rather typical disaster film: Animal rights protesters free chimps that have been infected with pure rage, infection spreads, man wakes from coma to find London deserted, gets chased by infected, is rescued, goes to Manchester, finds army, army lead by nutcase, realises the rest of the world is ok, gets saved in the end. The highlight of the film has to be when Jim, the main character, walks into a church to find salvation but instead is confronted with the following message in huge letters on a wall:

Repent, the end is fucking nigh.
Pure genius i thought. Christopher Eccleston plays the mad (ginger) army major who comes across as gay in the film. This is because he says to Jim, "I promised women for the rest of the men" quite a few times, and affectionately brushes Jim's face and plays with his hair.

Still it's nice to know that if there ever is a major infection breakout in the UK, the rest of the world will leave us to it because we are just an Island that can be quarantined easily.

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"The whole world is turning lesbian!"

Or that's what it seemed like tonight. Once again another Rocket has passed and we commit it to memory in the form of photos which will appear later on no doubt today. I was forced by Nat to only take money with me and a camera and so fretted all night that i had forgotten my keys or phone, only to remember he wrestling both items out of my hands before we left. The cheerleaders were on top form with one or two performing a few tricks for us although no sign of the Rugby team left us disappointed.

The trip back was equally as eventful as the trip there, with the threat of diverting via Sheffield yet again as there was no available room on the 10:00 am train from King's Cross to York, not even standing room. The next one was at 11:00, but before that there was another via Sheffield, which would have been easier to get on but apparently a ticket that says "Any available route" means the most direct (in theory) not the quickest, and since i wanted to leave the perils of London and it's guitarists and amps behind, the world seemed to be against me.

Since i haven't really slept in 48 hours (or maybe more) I'm now going to collapse into bed and not wake up till very late tomorrow. Have a great rest of the weekend y'all and someone better give me a ring before 3pm to make sure I'm up because i have to do work *sob*.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

"Please mind the gap when getting off at the next station"

I swear that if i have to hear that phrase one more time this week i will scream. Oh wait, I've got it all to do again tomorrow.

You see at about 7 last night it was decided by Kat that i would in fact have to go home and go to the dentist for fear that my teeth would spill over the floor in our room. So a brief stop in Sheffield and a few hundred miles later, here i am back home in Essex. I have been reliably informed by my dentist that i do not have a gum infection (yay!) but i do have to have a filling and one of my wisdom teeth extracted. So if you don't see me at Easter, it's because I'm in some hospital having all my wisdom forcibly taken from me.

I was looking forward to the prospect of actually being able to sleep on the train to London but alas my plan was thwarted by the woman sitting across the aisle from me as every time i was just drifting off, she received a text message with the loudest ringtone ever known to exist.

To all those in Durham, I shall be there tomorrow night in the Rocket, about 10ish? Till then I'm going to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


It's starting to look like i might not be alone this weekend after all. I may not even be here at all. Overnight my recurring jaw problem has decided to return with a vengeance and this time I'm worried that my teeth are going to fall out on one side of my mouth. Since i just about trust my own dentist and i hate going there anyway, i may have to go home if i can get an appointment. So this time tomorrow i could be on the long (very long) coach journey home. Please think of me and my incredibly painful jaw.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Good Deed

I feel more energised after doing a good deed today: I broke up a fight with some girls from Stockton Riverside College. This would normally be a really crazy idea as the girls from there are very very bitchy. But Nat and I were walking past and felt extremely guilty to see this girl on the floor, struggling for breath, having the crap beat out of her. So being the escort girls we are, we walked her to the bridge making sure that her attackers didn't follow her. Now i feel really good about myself in addition to dying over everyone.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Obligatory Photo Post

It seems that not only have i been drowning under books recently, so have all my cables which would explain the lack of photos here. So since i have a few free minutes and have managed to half sort out my stuff, here are some photos from Friday, Saturday and Yesterday:

This first one is an example of people ACTUALLY DANCING TO S CLUB 7. I was stunned by this sight and thought that it would be a good idea to record the moment for posterity. And they are from Durham city so it's to be expected really...

Here we have two girls enjoying a night out. We're not drunk, (honest!) and I know that I can't smile properly without exposing my fangs and that my eyes are closed. Still you can see my pretty top and eyeshadow for once!

Another photo from POS on Friday: They've errected an homage to the Rocket in Stockton. Or we stole our image from them...(that's more likely to be honest)

The King of Cheese:

Electric, moshing away to Bryan Adams possibly...

Andy and his friend who thought it was fun to make fun of the fact that Clare and I are rather short. They were very fun to hang around with and hopefully we'll see them at POS again soon.

We found this car on the way to Patrick's Pizza, I took great offence to the sentiment. In case you can't quite read it, it says: "Wales Sucks" *shocked*

Moving onto Saturday night at the good old Rocket, this is the only picture you're going to get. (There are lots from POS that have been missed out also.) I personally think that this is a rather nice photo of myself, regardelss of the fact that i'm not wearing a bra which meant that Henry took it upon himself to openly stare at my clevage all night. By the way, Kat was rather drunk by this time and about 30 seconds after this picture was taken, she spilt half her pint of skittles over Clare.

It's Monday now and here's one of the Girls (Vicki, myself, Nat and Sarah) in the obligatory corridor shot (in Backhouse of course). The theme was "Loved Up" hence all the pink and red going on. Sarah was happy to inform us that her dress was pinned to her bra to keep things in place. That reminds me, Vicki still has my jacket...

Last photo i swear! Here's one of some Love heart's that were at Moby on Monday. Perhaps one of them was a pill which made Bryan not feel too good, but anyway i got given a few "Be Mine" ones from Vicki and Mike, which made me feel a bit loved.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Last night it was the ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society) Valentine's Ball. The only good thing about it were the cocktails on sale. The only reason we went was to celebrate Nat's birthday but i don't think she enjoyed it. Instead she, Bryan and I left early as Brynuts wasn't feeling too well for no reason what so ever. I think he enjoyed being escorted home by two gorgeous women through the streets of Stockton. So after making his bed for him and tucking him in, it was time to collapse into bed myself because i was quite tired.

Now i wake up this morning with the flu bug that I've been trying to avoid for ages. I'm off to have a lemsip and stay in bed all day, yay for days off!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Open Invitation

You (yes you reading this) are cordially invited to Ground Floor, Fairbridge, John Snow College, University of Durham for the weekend beginning the 17th February as I shall be the only one here and well it's not much fun being on your own. All I ask is that you RSVP either here, or give me a little bit of warning such as indicating when you are at Darlington Station. If I find myself on my own still after I've been so kind and invited you all (I will even pay for either the cost of your travel or everything you want while you are here) then you can expect some late night bored phone calls. That is all.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Interesting Experiment

I have discovered that it is possible to enjoy a night at the Rocket without the use of alcohol to numb the pain of actually having nowhere better to go on a Saturday night. However without alcohol, my dancing ability kind of goes downhill as the night wears on due to becoming more than a bit tired.

I do however resent being told by someone who shall be known as "H", to look after Kat because "she's pretty wasted, guys are eyeing her up and after all you are the only one who's sober and you're her room mate." Now it's not my problem that she can't actually walk, but it is my problem when I want to enjoy myself yet am forced every minutes to check where she is. I'm not a heartless or callous bitch but I didn't drink last night for a reason and it showed me that when you're pissed out of your head, you can really embarrass yourself and those around you.

I did end up coming home early and watching the end of the Shawshank redemption with some people, and eventually headed to bed at 3:30, long after Kat. Now I'm the one who's on campus in a lab doing work while a few other people stay in bed with headaches. I think I like this no drinking thing...

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Don't stop Moving!"

After making the best chocolate brownies in the world, it was time to go to my first Mixology Meeting of the new year last night. Through this i discovered the very nice and strangely christmassy Scarlet Pimpernel, whcih shall be made for my birthday bash. Yes that's right, Clare persuaded me to have a cocktail party for my birthday, so dress elegently people! Anyway back to last night...

After Coc-Soc it was decided to head to the centre of our current universe: Durham. The 45 minute (free) bus ride proved fairly uneventful with us only being threatened with being chucked off once due to the presence of alcohol in the confinement. On the way it was a tough decision whether to go to Klute (reputedly the worst nightclub in Europe) or Planet of Sound at DSU (Durham Student Union for those of you uninitiated with the acronyms here). In the end, POS (Planet of Sound) won and Clare and I parted ways with Jo, the illustrious president of Coc-Soc. Now I don't think it really is a good idea to wear a top with "Coc-Soc-er" on the back when around students, it poses so many questions with very wrong answers, but that is what happened. I'd nver been to a proper night out in DSU before and I was actually suprised. Not only was there a Cheese room, but Dance/Trance and supposedly an Indie room that remained empty for most of the night.

Much dancing happened, some of which occurred on tables (lets not go there) but something i did notice was that the city people dance differently to us down here. They are more into the whole "Lets stand in a circle and not really do much." Well they were in for a shock with 2 girls from Stockton around! We seemed to be the only ones who cared that DJ Robin (the Cheese King) was playing a large amount of Ska: old No Doubt, Dropkick Murphy's, Madness, The Specials etc. Our dancing attracted much attention: firstly from Ed "Electric" Harris from a Grey College sports team (Rugby i think) who took it upon himself to direct his mad rocker anticks on the stage, at us. Then a group of guys (one of which was called Andy, that much I know) decided to "protect" us due to our small size and it resulted in us being sandwiched between all of them. Actually managed to bump into Mike, Pete and Paul briefly to say "Hey it's another Stocktonite" and then they promptly disappeared into the night to the dance room i think.

As the last bus was approaching, we left early and headed to find a takeaway so I could get some food as I was stupid and had not really eaten all day. Patricks Pizza was happy to help me satisfy my cravings with waht has to be the nicest cheese burger ever as it was freshly cooked for me with loads of salad, just as i like it. Practically teh whole of Stevo and Snow were in there eating. Including Jo who informed me in a drunken state that Klute was actually quite good. I put it down to it's only good if you drink a lot.

The bus eventually turned up late which made everyone panic thinking that we'd missed it due to the delicious pizzas and would therefore be stranded in Durham or faced with a very expensive taxi fare. The crush for the bus was painful to say the least but being small helps in one way and we managed to get a seat with the fear hanging over us that someone nearby would take it upon themselves to empty the contents of their stomach over us...

Luckily the only thing emptied was Olivia's voice after a chanting match happend between Stevo and Snow with some old favorites such as "We hate Snow", "I'm Stevo till I die" and "Sit Down Shut Up" ringing out from the back of the bus by the Stevo crowd including JD, and the mighty Snow just singing "If I had the wings of a sparrow" much louder and with more vigour than anything Stevo could think of.

Eventually the bus arrived at Campus and then it was time for me and Clare to say goodbye to Mike, Pete, Paul, Bina, Jane and any other Snow people and run home due to the coldness. We did however stop momentarily to observe the ice forming on the canals in Toy Town, but this was short lived due to my batteries not working in the camera (it was so pretty too). Much sleep was then had and now today I'm faced with the prospect of doing it all again, though this time at the good old Rocket.

Still it's nice to see that Durham like to pay homage to us in their own small way:

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Remind me to take a bag

To those who live in Snow, here's a reminder to take a bag with you when you go to the library, as i can no longer lift my arms more than about 5 centimetres after carrying 3 out of the 5 huge books that i found in the library for my social essay and biological reading. And they all have to be back on the same day...I think i should start lifting weights in preparation. (Thanks to Clare for carrying the other 2) I hadn't realised just how far away from campus i lived.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Snickers Pie

I was just reading the Guardian, and found a receipe for Snickers Pie:

  1. Place puff pastry in the bottom of a baking tin
  2. Toss on 5 Snickers bars, in chunks
  3. Cook for 30 minutes
  4. Cover in msacapone and grill lightly

And there you have it: something that gives you a day's calorie intake in just one slice...

Now where did I put that cake tin?

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I actually managed to answer a question today in SPSS.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm a mushroom

After spending the evening listening to Hallam fm in Vicki's room (yep that's right, HALLAM fm) we spent some time looking at crazy facts online.

Next time someone calls you a mushroom, don't take offence...

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Well today is the day when nothing much happens, yes it's that time of the fortnight, it's the alternative methods Tuesday! So after a random morning it is time to crack on with the work, which isn't really happening. Now I know that a lot of people are reading this thing now, probably through facebook, so I had better keep it updated. I just wish some of you would comment in a while. Anyway today I leave you with some facts that will happen this coming year:

  • One person in 5 will have less than $1 a day to live on
  • 20 billion rolls of toilet paper will be used
  • 292 billion cans and bottles of Coke will be sold
  • One person in 5 will be Chinese
  • The average Briton will spend more than 400 hours shopping
  • The sea will rise by 2 mm
  • Over 100,000 new book titles will be published in the UK
  • More than 1 million working computers will be thrown away
  • 2.7 trillion insects will be accidently eaten by humans
  • More than 1 billion people will watch the final of the World Cup on the 9th July

Hope you've learnt something today.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Tip for all you southerners

Click here if you're from the south and need help intergrating into the northern society if you've gone to university up here.

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For the first time ever, we've had a noticeably drunk person in lectures. Bryan aka Brynuts, hasn't slept all night and is now drunk and wandering around campus. Seeing him in lectures in an inebriated state was rather funny until he decided to hit me (I'll get you back for that later...).

And Nat thinks I may have appendicitis. Lucky me.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

More o2 complaints

For the second time this week i find myself heading into town to have my phone reset. That is the 15th time i've had it doen since i've had the phone and to me that is just not on. I've had the phone for 6 months and o2 refuse to give me a replacement. I may have to go again tomorrow as now i can't send text messages or receive them in order. The time is now 9:03 and i've just got a text that was sent at 6 pm. I'm really not that happy with the network, their customer service is diabolical when you actually want them to do something. At the end of my contract i shall be switching to 3 mobile, where i can get a much better contract for only £1 more a month. So if you've been trying to phone or text me today and i haven't responded, it's not my fault!

Now i'm going to sit and watch the Best of Top Gear and then Gangs of New York, no matter what Kat may say...

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After a long hard night of no sleep thanks to the people upstairs having sex, phones ringing and showers being taken, i thought that listening to some nice relaxing music would help me sleep. Part of my relaxing playlist includes The Calling. Now normally i like their music, but today i was almost screaming. They've apparently recorded a cover of London Calling by The Clash. Trust me you really don't want to hear it. It has to be one of the worst songs i have ever heard!

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Threesome (and apologies)

After some events that I'm not allowed to mention apparently it was decided to go and see a film, which is our weekly ritual anyway...

The film of the week this week was "Fun with Dick and Jane and to be honest i really did have fun with them! My thinking is that if a film has Jim Carrey in it (apart from Rocket Man) then it has to be funny. So with this in mind the ever wonderful Nat and I headed for Teeside Park to the HUGE Showcase Cinema there.

A brief rundown of the story is Dick gets a promotion at work, tells his wife to quit her job but then he loses his along with 6000 other people in the company. They then resort to all kinds of things to get money and end up stealing. But Justice is served in the end.

For me the best bits were:

  • The Mexico border scene
  • The car full of grass
  • Sex on Saturday
  • Dick dressed as Cher while Jane is dressed as Sonny in the car showroom

However that's not the end of the night....Far from it in fact.

After standing in the freezing northen night air with my scarf being used as a blanket, we returned to Backhouse, where upon a party was being had for Tulin's sisters (who is called La La by the way) birthday. Well i say party, it was more like a typical night in the Backhouse Penthouse: sitting in the kitchen with alcohol and very loud music. However i remembered that i didn't have my keys and Kat had already mentioned staying at Ben's, so Nat accompanied me back to the flat to wake the boys up (well boy, Scott was the only one asleep) to see if Kat had realised that my keys were somewhere on my desk. She indeed had and the situation resulted in the vodka and archers bottles being dragged back with us. About 30 minutes later, all the archers and vodka had gone (there were only about a quarter of the bottles filled anyway).

I can't really remember much after that, other than i was very drunk. And the photos that i have don't really help. Other than bras filled with apples, i can't tell you much else.

But i have to also apologise to anyone that:

  • I phoned
  • I Texted
  • I emailed
  • I talked to on msn

in my inebriated state. I won't have made much sense and may have embarrassed myself. I'm sorry.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Should I?

I'm trying to picture the look on the parental unit's faces if they saw me with these.

What do you think?

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Worst Nightmare

It consists of getting drunk in the kitchen while playing poker, falling off of the platform, then getting locked out of the building and attempting to fall asleep in the igloos while people are watching 24-hour Sky tv, then getting 2 hours sleep and having to go off to lectures.


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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Could someone please remind me what course I'm doing again? I'm sitting here with my developmental psychology book and I'm wondering if it's the right book. Since when do i have to learn about what the constituent parts of amniotic fluid are for a psychology degree? It's making my head hurt...

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