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Saturday, December 31, 2005


For some reason I can't get the song "Helicopter" by Bloc Party out of my head. I just keep randomly singing lines from it and it's driving me up the wall, never mind anyone else.

Well the New Years Eve bug is upon us once again and I find myself caught up in the middle of some very complicated plans. I could go out with Maria and her 1980's inspired fancy dress group, or go to a gathering of Dartford people or go to Elyse's house if she is not coming out or stay at home with the units. What's a girl to do?

I never did get round to dying my hair last night although I could have done it at 2 am during the 3 hours that I was attacked by that monster called insomnia. Seriously, I could not sleep early this morning, and I tried everything that usually induces sleep but to no avail. So I'm a grumpy, sleepy, confused person who wants to just get swept along by the tide of people so she doesn't have to think for herself.

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Friday, December 30, 2005


I've loved this song forever by Ben Folds Five, but now i've found this video and i think that it captures the essence of the song perfectly. I'd urge you all to watch it, just for amazing artwork that has gone into it.

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Moody? Me?

Today has been a strange day. I spent the morning chatting to Maria about various Christmas things and I was giving my reasons for not wanting to go out in London on New Year's Eve, the one night of the year where everyone wants to go and party.

My plans aren't concrete yet: if Elyse feels up to it then I shall be accompanying her wherever she is (because I'm a sad freak with no friends of my own!) Other than that I may take a trip to MusicTek to their all ages night and hang out with Dave and Fiona, trying to keep the kids in check. Or if not, then I'll be at home enjoying the warm festive glow with the unit's (if XY is talking to me by then).

In addition to my strange mood, I feel that tonight may be the night that I finally get round to dying my hair, don't hold you're breath though...

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Frozen Part 2

One is so *insert chosen expletive here* cold that i've taken to wearing gloves inside the house. I am at this very moment infact, along with scarf and my big wool coat thing that i got for christams, it's quite goth really. I might have to carry out an experiment to test my hypothesis that the further south you go, the colder it gets.

Now i'm going back to watching various films while wearing my green and purple stripy gloves, i feel a bit like Fagin actually..."You've got to pick a pocket or two..."

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Do you ever get the feeling that you're being spied on?

Well this morning parental unit XY let it slip that he has been trying to access both of my computers while I've been away. It started with an innocent comment by Jean about keeping secrets on my phone as I was texting Shaun at the time and the unit said "Oh no, we password protect our message conversations on the computer, don't we?" Immediately I accosted him and demanded to know what he had been doing.

Apparently he had become curious and tried to see exactly what I had on there. He had of course got past the initial stage of actually turning all the peripherals on in the correct order so that it didn't all blow up in his face, but then upon attempting to get into my document's he had a harder time...

Why do parent's feel the need to go snooping around my stuff? Luckily I'm good at hiding things :D

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

One way ticket to hell and back!

Well that's another festive season over and done with. No arguments, no fights, just good old family festive fun which culminated in a somewhat quiet Christmas day and boxing day. A vast majority of my presents from various people, including the parental units', are still in the post, winging their way to me as I type. Still I think people honed in on the cocktail society thing a bit too much and I now have in my possession a full cocktail set including shaker, glasses and tray and an electronic drinks measure with cocktail recipes in its software. I'm not an alcoholic, honest!

From the unit's I did receive 2 Bill Bryson books that I didn't seem to have, which will probably be finished in a couple of days and also the new Darkness album. The album kind of disappointed me slightly: while being very very good musically, about half the songs focus on a guy breaking up with his girlfriend and then realising it was the biggest mistake of his life which was a bit limiting on a an album that only contains 10 songs. Also I know that they had Queen's producer working on it, but come on, does the opening to most of the songs have to give me that annoying feeling of "Which Queen song has that riff in it?" Despite all that it is a work of genius and only the Hawkin's brothers and there accomplices could pull it off. "Hazel Eyes" has me in stitches every time I hear it due to the comic factor that is Justin's fake Scottish accent!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I'd just like to wish everyone who comes across this blog a Merry Christmas and i hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Peace and Hugs


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Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Rickshaw Ride?"

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the birth of Maria Wright and to celebrate the occasion a group of us went out in London. The original intention had been to go to The Metro Club on Oxford Street but it was thought that this venue of hilarity would not be open. It was then decided yesterday morning that we would visit the garden rooms in Covent Garden but we eventually found ourselves walking towards Metro anyway. The kind bouncers greeted us and informed us that the club wasn't opening till 11. So after walking from Charing Cross in the cold (and i had been standing outside for about an hour waiting for the group) Carrie took us to The White Horse in Soho (also known as the cheapest pub in London.) It was really an excuse for her to show us the theatre where she works (and tell us the story about Andie McDowell giving some guy a hand job the other day during a performance!) I have to agree that the pub is certainly the cheapest I've been in since being back home, it's almost like 'Boro prices! After a nice glass of (apple) cider, we trudged back to the Metro, all the while being offered rickshaw rides and Sean and Jesus (Andy) singing "Final Countdown" as there was not much time left till it was officially Christmas Eve and no longer Maria's Birthday. After convincing the bouncers that yes, I was of legal age to consume alcohol (and have been for some time now) it was time to have fun. And I have to say a return trip to the Metro is required at some point. Not only do they sell Morgan's Spiced Rum (another great 'Spoon's drink) but they play alternative and Indie music as well as the occasional heavy rock anthem. I even stayed long enough to hear The Futureheads "Hounds of Love", my song of the moment and a remix of Razorlight's "Vice" which went down well with those of us that actually knew the words let alone who it was by (Maria! I really must educate you!) Jesus' dancing was hilarious and the highlight of the night for me. While Maria attempted to take a photo of Carrie, Keira and myself, a strange and rather drunk man decided to pose with us and put his arm around keira who promptly started to squeeze my arm and give me a look of desperation. After the photo was taken however he then came over to me and started repeatedly kissing me on both cheeks, stopping to take a swig of his larger and then started again. Eventually he decided that he needed some more alcohol and disappeared into the crowd, where upon I collapsed into the arms of Maria and Keira going "oh my god I need to wash my face!". Cue much laughing from the guys with us and shouts of "That's the most action any of us will be getting tonight". 1 am came and like Cinderella I disappeared into the night, running along Oxford street to centre point tower where parental unit XY was waiting to whisk me home as the trains at that time can't be trusted. Upon returning home I collapsed into bed only to be woken at 6 by Shaun phoning me to tell me that he had only just left the club he was at and was going to get bagels. Gay men make me laugh sometimes...

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Ok own up!

Ok who did it?

Who bought all the Koppaberg?

I went on a last minute mad dash to Ikea with parental unit XY for wall hanging things which you can only get there apparently and on the way ther i thought "Hey, Koppaberg is Swedish and Ikea sell swedish food and drink" So we rushed around the marketplace and upon arriving in the food bit, went to the alcohol section to be greated by...EMPTY SHELVES! It appears that someone (my guess is Bozz, he does look a bit shifty...) bought the stock from the whole shop.

It's a conspiracy i tell you!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Well regression didn't really work yesterday and i've found myself today standing in the bath cleaning mould off of the windows. If you've ver been in my bathroom at home you'll know that there are 2 tiny windows and no other form of ventilation in there, so it's constantly damp. And it appears that the parental units have waited till i've got back to clean it so that

  • Parental unit XY can punish me for leaving him with Parental unit XX
  • Parental unit XX can punish me for leaving her with Parental unit XY
The rest of the bathroom is scrubbed, so is the kitchen and the oven. Looks like we're all ready for Christmas...

A last minute dash was needed to the heaven of food lovers everywhere: Marks and Spencer this morning for Stollen Cake and cream, and i was surprised at the lack of people in Lakeside. Sainsbury's was a different matter with lots of pushing and shoving going on. I think we may have been the only people who weren't shopping for Christmas food!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Where is that again?

Apologies for all the posts today, i'm bored incase you can't tell. Anyway you may notice that i have a sitemetre so i can see how many people are looking at my site every day (and it's appreciated!) and being an american site, they sometimes get the location wrong. Such as apparently Gravesend is in Thurrock (umm wrong side of the river i think) and when i access from uni im not in Durham i'm in: University College of Stockton on Tees, Worcester.

I think that proves that the Americans don't know their geography.

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US Citizen?

If you want to be a US citizen you have to take this test:

You Failed the US Citizenship Test

Oops, you only got 5 out of 10 right!
Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

As you can see, I won't be joining our cousins over the pond any time soon.

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I was just playing around on Newgrounds and came across the insult generator. Could anyone tell me what these are:
Is it meant to be transvestites? I'm not so sure...Also play around on the generator yourself, it's quite interesting to see what others class as insults.

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Civil Unions and Live 8

Well today is the first day that "marriages" between homosexual couples can take place, and i have to say : what took the government so long! Persoanlly i see nothing wrong in the joining of 2 people who love each other and want to officially show it. Isn't that what heterosexual couples do when they get married, so what's the difference? Congratulations to Elton and David and also to Julie and Steph who have now decided that they too want to get married! Hopefully i'll be around for the wedding!

On a different note, i watched the documentry that was on BBC 1 last night about Live 8 and how they put it together. I liked the way they showed you how Bob Geldof wasn't on board with teh whole idea until Bono told him about his vision for the opening act. However Bono annoys me sometimes with his whole "I'm an Irish rock star and i'm so great that i've met the pope and i'm trying to free the world of poverty." I tell a lie, i've hated him since he took Justin Hawkins' line in tne Band Aid 20 song, because i'm petty like that.

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Merry Yule to all those out there who care that today is Officially Christmas! I'll see you all around that fire soon!

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Regession is a wonderful thing. I'm sitting here with my ready brek because i'm chilly, and it's making me think of childhood. (Am i really that old?) Anyway i'm starting to feel like a kid again due to my parental units trying to do everything for me. I do have a degree of independence which they seem to have failed to recognise. Take Friday: It's Maria's birthday, we're off to the Metro club in London. I'm meeting her at Charing Cross at 9 and then leaving at midnight to get the train home. However this scares the 'rents whitless as they still think i'm 12.

Perhaps if i regress back far enough i can get out of having to clean the bathroom, kitchen and the million and 1 other chores i have to do.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Last night i went to the Tollgate with the Dartford crew yet again (you guys are great by the way) and Elyse, bless her, was trying in a non-subtle way to matchmake me and a certain young gentleman in a very jokey way. I think she was just really hyper! Anyway i wouldn't be adverse to seeing certain young gentleman on New Year's Eve, maybe around midnight? (Just to show Elyse that her joke backfired on her *insert evil plan laugh here*)

Anyway today i am off christmas shopping again to finish what i started yesterday. Had lunch with Shaun yesterday which was interesting, had to repeat 5 times to the waiter that i am allergic to chilli and therefore my food had to be prepared in a separate area (we went to the Thai Pot as usual). No reaction so far so i guess they paid attention after i rammed that fork through his ey...i'm joking, i'm not that violent! Oh and i got to ride briefly in the sex machine ( i will post pictures when i get my camera fixed). The sex machine is Shaun's name for his car and i have to say it is rather nice but too flashy for me.

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Monday, December 19, 2005


Is it possible for Essex to be colder than Durham? I'm wearing more layers now than i was last week! And my feet have gone blue yet again. Must find my Peruvian socks because they are so warm and lovely. That's if i can defrost myself and move from my chair...

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Great to be home?

Last night i went out with Elyse, Bozz and a few other people. I'd just like to clarify for those that are wondering: Bozz is one of Elyse's friends from college. That is all. Anyway we went to the Tollgate for a drink and then on to the Paper Moon which no one had realised was a Weatherspoons! So i was a happy bunny with my Koppaberg (you seriously have to try it everyone!)

This morning i accompanied the parental units to asda's for christmas food shopping and what a mistake that was. My XY parental unit has a very short temper and when a driving instructor laughed at him...well lets just say things almost got a bit physical in the non-nice way.

I am now off to have mushroom soup and sleep for the afternoon being the boring person i am. Good night.

And i enjoyed myself last night and i also apologise if i came across as being mad etc but the minute amount of alcohol i had really seemed to affect me!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blackboard Conference

I have just received a phonecall from Ed of CompSoc fame, asking where the hell i was today. I said somehwere on the A1 (M) most of the time. Apparently i was supposed to be at the Blackboard users conference as a student rep today and tomorrow. I however wasn't told this.

I freely admit to emailing ITS and saying that i would be interested in it and then refused when i found out the dates as i wouldn't be able to get home at any other time. But this was misread as my acceptance of the place. Now Ed is fed up as he has had to postpone his trip home in order to be the second student rep at the stupid conference. I would love to have gone but alas it was not meant to be.

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Honey, I'm Home!

Well i'm back in wonderful Essex *groan* and feeling very tired. Last night i went to 'Spoons with Clare and we had a few drinks and a nice chat. Ended up moaning at Ben due to the fact that he and Emile bought the last of the Koppaberg so i had to have Thatcher's Perry instead which, while being a stronger alcoholic concentration that Koppaberg, tastes different and not the same and not as nice! Instead settled for Morgan's spice and Coke which was an interesting combination with shots of black aftershock. What can i say, we were having an experimental evening.

After that i packed and fell asleep after dancing around my room for a bit. Dad came to pick me up today and we loaded everything and came back. Now i think i'm going to bed, i'm very tired and need my rest!

ETA: Guess who i saw on the way back? Well at Blythe services i saw my "friend" Kit from Hatfield college. We were both standing in the queue at Burgle King (i was there for my dad, processed "food" doesn't appeal to me) and she saw that i was wearing my Durham hoodie and said "Oh so you're at Durham too then?" and when i turned round i saw it was Kitty! We had a good old chat which culminated in my dad coming in and going "where the hell is my food?" where upon he profusely apologised to Kitty seeing that she was a fellow Durham student.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"I'm sitting down here..."

In my room surrounded by boxes which are Kat's not mine. She's going home today while i have to wait till tomorrow.

Last night we attempted to eat all of our food and ordered take away as well. Lots of various card games were played and songs were sung. Photos were taken which will be uploaded later. Mish left yesterday without saying goodbye to me or Scott. Which pissed us off no end as we helped him pack and carry stuff to his car. I'm just being vindictive, don't worry about it Mish if you're reading this.

No we're just waching people going home and i'm looking forward to seeing people again, it's crap being stuck up here on my own. Clare, Bryan and I are going to Spoons tonight as we're the only people left in college i think. Yay for more koppaberg.

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Drunken Anctics

On monday night it was decided that since the psychologists and bio meds didn't have any lectures on tuesday, that we would go out for a quiet drink to Dubliners. That didn't happen. Instead we ended up in Weatherspoons where we got decidedly drunk and ended up getting booted out of spoons as we were the last people there. On the walk home it was decided that we would partake in the wonderful sport of bush jumping, which i have to say is great fun! Go Henry!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Back from Narnia

I've just got back from watching The Chronicle's of Narnia, which i went to see to cheer myself up. Ended up sitting right in the middle of the cinema, i was very pleased with myself. The CGI is fantastic although i think that the matrix style fight scenes are a bit annoying. Plus don't go with people who haven't read the book as you can't help but spoil bits for them without meaning to. Going to sleep now, my head is spinning and it won't calm down.

ETA: at the request of Bryan i have been asked to include a bit more detail as to the exact goings on on this eventful evening out.

Nat, Vicki, Rory and I went to see Narnia while Bryan, Tulip (not her real name) and Mike went to see Flightplan. Their film finished early and they decided to join us. Mike had his phone out and Bryan was sitting at the back cringing at Tulip's drunken antics. Then when we got back to the flat it was discovered that Mike and Bryan had found a big fat pizza in the bin outside the cinema and had decided to bring it back with them and eat it. I left them to their sperm covered pizza and went home, only to be woken up by a fire alarm going off in Backhouse. Apparently Liz and Tulip were trying to smoke Paul out of his room to get some cigarettes and consequently set the fire alarm off with a cigarette that they already had.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Petition Time

I would be very grateful if you could go and sign this petition as i think it is an important cause, especially for women to acknowledge. Thank you.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I apologise for the lack of posting but my laptop appears to have died. I shall attempt to get it up and running soon, but in the meantime i am currently using Nat's. My mac mini is also out of operation for various reasons which i shall not go into on here.

Ok i'm off to watch Lost (yay for having friends that can get the box sets from america!) If you need me then email or text me. I shall only be able to chek mail once a day so texts may be more appropriate. And Bozz if you want my email number i give you permission to ask the Eskimo (sorry Inuit) for it.

Peace Out from a frustrated Emma.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Snowball

Well last night was the John Snow College Winter Ball. And it was quite eventful. We got to Redworth Hall at about 8 and had to stand around for an hour with just a glass of wine to keep us happy. Went into the main hall to have dinner and immediately devoured the bread rolls on our table because lets face it, we were starving! Soon afterwards starters arrived: Cheese and Tomato Tarlets with a herb dressing, which lasted not much longer than the rolls. Plates were whisked away and main course was served: chicken with sundried tomatoes and veg. By this point i had already had 3 glasses of wine and was gradually having my glass refilled by the people who weren't too keen on wine. The half the table diappeared due to the fact that we had rooms in the hotel too. So that meant that there were 11 deserts shared amongst 4 people. And 2 lots of white chocolate parfait goes down quite well wine a full bottle of red wine.

After the meal we had the Joscar's since the theme for the evening was the Oscars. We had awards for persons most likely to steal the ball chair's job, best member of the jcr exec, best dancer and of course best house for parties. The final award went to 17 Yarm Lane, which was interesting because only one member of the said house is in John Snow college. Anyhow, the band was good, we had good music, met some nice people, had more wine, did a little dancing etc. I had a chat to David, jcr president, about the free positions in the jcr exec, and he suggested that i went for the position of welfare officer or treasurer next year. I was not happy with that suggestion! I ended up drinking 3 bottles of wine and some archers and lemonade which caused a slight hangover today. The most fun came on the coach back...

The ball committee decided to hire these really tall Oscar statues at £200 each to add to the theme. And the people from 17 yarm lane decided that they wanted toa ke one home with them. Lauren the ball chair caught them the first time they took one. But them about 15 minutes later they came onto our coach with it again. It took up the entire aisle and i ended up sitting next to sideshow bob (*grin*) on the way home, where i commented on his wondrful hair. They ended up getting it all the way back to college where upon getting it off of the coach, we were confronted with Lauren in her car demanding that they take it back. I don't know if they did or not...

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Some kind of spiritual warrior

Upon watching this film i felt wuite dazed really. I am annoyed that someone can be so close minded but i also feel for her family because she is obviously...obsessed.

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I'm sitting in the IRC at uni, typing away for my report and suddenly everything i was typing, came up in arabic. I didn't change anything, don't know how it happened but it didn't go away. I'm scared.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wizards of Winter

Just came across this and thought it was mighty good. Personally i don't care if it's real or not, it brought amusement to my tired brain.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Time is...

12:41 pm and i have only just woken up. Well i say woken. What i actually mean is i was awake at 9, fell asleep again and woke up at 11:30, had a shower and have only now sat in front of the computer.

I have a summative assignment in for monday that i have not started yet (where is that table of results?).

Instead i have been looking at these pretty molecules. Being a science geek i suppose no one else would appreciate it...

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Friday, December 02, 2005


Well you start off by having a bad day then all of a sudden it get's better when you go to check your post! I had 2 parcles waiting for me in reception whcih turned out to be: 2 massive hampers from my godparents containing wine, choclate, biscuits and other things that are very bad for you! They are currently sitting on the kitchen table so if you're in the vacinity of Fairbridge, bottom floor, Kitchen then please help yourself to some chunky choclate cookies. However the christmas pudding, wine, lindt chocolate and whiskey cake are all for me.

On a different note, have just turned on the tv to find John McEnroe losing very badly in his tennis match. Go John!

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Endless Debate

I have been given the opportunity to have a Wordpress blog rather than a blogger one. Do i transfer over or just stay here?

ETA: my wordpress blog is now here. I like the functionality of wordpress but you can't customize it much at the moment. When and if they get new features that may possibly allow me to transfer over then i might continue with it. Until that point i may be staying here.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

World Aids Day 2005

Support World AIDS Day

Today is world aids day 2005 and i would like everyone who reads this to try and put the above link on your site somewhere for at least today. Thank you.

There have been some great people who have died from aids: Keith Haring the artisit who promoted a worl of peace through his paintings, Freddie Mercury who was a great showman and entertainer to the masses (find me someone out there who hates Queen i dare you!) and many others.

Aids is a problem that affects everyone and i think that in today's societies, more is being made out of teenage pregnancies and other STI's which can be cured, than of the Aids virus which is at the moment incurable.

My advice to you is just to be safe out there and try to educate those around you as to the dangers that they face in their lives.

Thank you.

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